Ennu Swanthan Janakikutty- Old & Gold

MT Vasudevan Nair will always be counted to be amongst the best of Malayalam writers. This film is a cinematic adaptation of one of his stories, how beautifully the writer brings in imagination to fill in the gaps of love and companionship of a young girl. Janutty’s best friends are probably figments of her imagination fueled by the lively engaging story telling of her grand mother. But what I liked is also the way the family dealt with this wandering mind, allowing her only friend to step in and treating her with care.

The borderline between being sane and insane is rather thin. If only the society had more patience to deal with those who are different!

To get a glimpse into the life in rural Kerala, and to enjoy some of the best in acting, you should watch this film freely available on youtube! No subtitles, though!

a wandering mind and its wonderful creations

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