Durga Ma @ home- Achan & Amma

Humans Extraodinaire”

We search for heroes, role models to look up to and revere and hope that some of that sheen will rub on us. If I told you I had such kind of extraordinary human beings at my own home you would be surprised, perhaps shocked even. But that is the story of my parents, the man and the woman you see to the left of this image.

A couple, life tested and tried many times over, but those that stood up with a smile, until life joined the party and smiled along. In fact, today my mother has many friends, those that admire and look up to her for her grit and determination not to be pulled down by the society, those who may or may not like her but have to grudgingly admit her irrepressible enthusiasm, resilience and tenacity. Something in her makes her the protective ma durga and she tells me’ It is important to live on, despite whatever happened.I just want to see a big smile on my husband’s face. Besides, you know it is good to travel.’ She adds with a chuckle!

Luckily, her spark is seen and known and those who know want to join and tag along. I have always known my mother as a fighter, a never give up person, who in the worst of times asked me to dry the tears and sport the smile. In fact, this is what helped me to deal with adversities that came my way, yes, our way, for my parents stood by me always and cheered me on… in my quest for higher education, in my desire to be a writer, every time, I have to just look at my mother’s face and know that ‘ it is possible, anything really is possible’.

Life is an adventure, live it fully!!!


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