Warmth of friendship

Having spent years and years in some sort of rather weird isolation, for causes that were demanding, for reasons that seemed not to give courage to be sociable in the real sense, opening up my home to friends has been a slow process.

A process of slow healing, a s slow but steady building of courage to say to say, ‘hey, look, come over to my place, will you?’

For someone who has been cautiously quiet, fearsome of judgement maybe, I realize how some visits have warmed me up to the human race and trust building.

Some people are special aren’t they?

Some people who come with love and bring with them no judgement and but warmth, add to your lives and spaces and then you realize its a good world, perhaps you should have more people over, more often, perhaps…

Broken hearts heal but slowly….but they do when you give them the chance…. So I did and viola… it helped when I had a dear friend visiting me in August.

And I think of Ashwini and Nimmy chechi, who come running, without hesitation to share a moment, to spend some time, make the home wholesome somehow with their mere presence.

And now when Maya came home with family, the feeling that has been recently positive and joyous returned ……..and her friendship and her positive family, filled up the home with a warm glow of love, in which I now sit basking….and left Andrew my cat, purring in joy!!!

To good friends, to friends who last, to those that care and show that they care… cheers!!! You make life worth living!!!!

Oh! did I see my little nest blushing..nah! just an over imagination!!!!

So, which friend called on you recently, how did that make you feel?


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