Fence Sitting no more

Sometimes you think of things you want to do and think also of why you should or should not be doing it, but then if the thought brings a smile to your face, know that you should plunge straight ahead.

The eager child-like spirit in me, gushing at wonders of the world, the beauty of people, their kindness, the wonderful birds, the ever chanting crickets, the blue sky and the cat by my side, remind me often of a smile that was lost, of the battles that were waged to get the smile back and well, you realize what exactly you need to do and why.

So, then the universe and her guiding spirit lead me to roads hitherto unexplored, friendships till now not made, loads of smiles to conquer, make one’s own and string into a necklace of memories.

Trusting the universe and her infinite mastery over so many lives has been the biggest strength of living, that which enables me to bear a few smirks and over look a few more raising eye brows, because, you see, in front a happy, blessed child within, I am a warrior, a conqueror, a dreamer, a way farer with the masts high, a pen in hand, a willing ear, a heart ready to share, understand and be willing to contribute whichever way I can.

So, it is time to raise a rainbow and make the sky smile rather than wait for clouds to make way for the brightness and cheers to that!!!


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