Thathastu to happiness

I remember how I realized with a shock that my smile had disappeared totally. I struggled to laugh and often spent time in slumber unless when I was occupied at work. A vacant look had settled down on my face and my body lost the sense of living. I wondered at this, and asked to be taken out, I said, ‘come with me’, ‘talk to me’, I was desperate to live and regain my smile.

From 2010 to 2020 I spent some of the most horrible part of my existence on the planet cringing in pain and crying out in disbelief, yet the universe being kind, showed me ways to find friends, breathe easily and slowly I started to regain my smile and then the laughter followed.

Eversince I also developed a love for selfies ; for a person who only had complaints about herself to a person who marveled at her own being, and learned to cherish and love herself, the change was dramatic, and it was evident, especially to my critical inner self.

So I went back to having some seriously good laughter ! I laughed when I was stuck in the deadliest traffic jams, I smiled in the BMTC buses, in the job that broke my back and sometimes my ego, I smiled through anything and everything, in the company of my beloved daughter or when alone, the smile that had come back, just stayed put….why lose a chance to smile?

Now that thathastu to thesisification is achieved, I intend to embark on thathastu to travels, coz the cities of the world should know me, one among a zillion, yet significant in my own way, then thathastu to writing and more writing and yes thathastu to earning and giving in good measure, so here’s thathastu to joyfulness….coz life has just begun!!!


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