The World’s Fastest Indian – A Movie Never to Forget!

I remember watching The World’s Fastest Indian a few years ago and gasping at the sheer grit of the story and its amazing story telling technique. Anthony Hopkins nails it with his exemplary acting and the story telling that is classic. Written and directed by Roger Donaldson, it rightfully celebrates this fanatic motorcycle racist.

Clips from A movie to remember, The World’s Fastest Indian

Speed causes many emotions, and we all know that we should slow down, even if slowing down results in even more accidents. But don’t forget: all of us are, every day we are on earth, traveling at 1,110 miles a minute on the earth as it spins in the universe, said Max Beerbhom, the English essayist.

Speed kills as it thrills, those that are thrilled, live to tell the story!


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