My Sky Moments

It’s sometime since we sat together

said Sky, brooding over a dark blue cloud

yes, I smiled a little lost in thoughts

it’s been sometime since I have been with myself

a sigh escaped me

we looked at each other, Sky and I

in our individual journeys we have often lost each other

and in moments of quiet reflection, we always found ourselves side by side

a promise loomed large in the background

a mountain stood tall, some hills, some valleys and some plains

like a lost balloon danced a name in the winds

I looked up to see that by which I am called

a voice said, ‘I am there, just hereabouts, a hand’s reach away

Look at goals of the pen and the foot

stay quiet, stay humble and listen with heart

you shall not rest nor rust

focus forward and forge ahead

and I shall bend down to kiss thee

for know that the fallen riseth

the meek shall rule’

A faint breeze blew

a faint fragrance rose

and I am hooked to Sky forevermore



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