Star gazing @ litfest

I am at the Blrlitfest, Bangalore at Hotel Lalit Ashok and looking around I see the deserving being celebrated, the writers, I mean. A huge crowd throngs and sighs, laughs and chuckles along with Sudha Murthy at her sprightly take on Manu.S. Pillai’s questions.

I am amazed to see the young writer, Manu.S.Pillai stand in some shade and interact with his fans, students, grownups, a host of Keralites, and many others, I am a bit shy that I have not managed to read his books, despite reading about him after my daughter’s introduction to him.

I run into the famous Sara Joseph and am star stuck! Goodness! Writers in real flesh are something, while I am still star gazing, another admirer joins, ‘Can you take a pic?’ ‘Why not?’ , the favour is returned and a host of men and women are waiting eagerly at an entrance.

‘What’s happening there?’ It’s Sudha Murthy, she is signing the books. ‘Wow’!!!

I walk into the book shop and pick up the Ivory Throne and The Last Mughal and rush back to see if the writer is still around, it must be a miracle, I think to myself.

But there he stands in his resplendent yellow kurta surrounded by admirers. I extend my copy for his signature, which he duly signs. I share my research topic, and he listens with interest and informs me that his PhD defense is scheduled soon.

I think of how life is, how a dream to walk and be among writers and be called one, enshrined in my heart a good 40 years ago and how I would tremble and shiver at the thought of meeting a writer, my trepidations arising out of my emotional attachment to this deep deep desire of mine!

Ah! life! I give a copy of my second book to my friend and colleague, and she displays it proudly, in the pics that we click with the famous Tamil writer, Jeyamohan, my friend Dr. Malarvalli holds my book in her hands, ah! what a sight to behold!

When life teases me of the joys that seem to elude me, I cannot but think of the joys that surround me, and in a state of humble gratitude, I acknowledge the magnanimity of the universe, her guidance, her love that keeps me going!

Find joy in what you do, and keep at it, let other joys, if they be, walk to you, in good time! Amen!


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