Daily Prompt #4

What was the last thing you did for play or fun?

Hmmm… I don’t know where these questions are coming from, but they are soo much me……

So, I made a friend with whom I enjoyed talking gibberish and then well, we are not talking gibberish any more and I sorely missed it. Toughest thing on the planet is to want to talk to a friend who thought you have a good connection with and then being able to do so due to differences of opinion. The feeling of having a personal ‘aha’ moment and not finding your ‘gibberish’ friend to hear it out is

Then I found a twig on my path to the waiting station, a twig that lay on the road, helpless, unaided, trembling perhaps in the cold Bangalore weather, which I stepped on in a sense of excitement, walked up and down it to hear it break into small crumbles of wood pieces and well! I did imagine I was trampling over a certain someone and felt instantly happy, it was great fun to do that!

On a regular day, I generally look for a pebble or two on the road and take them to my home, moving it ahead with my feet as I walk, the general belief that I hold is that, something good is going to come my way if I can successfully take a pebble close to my place. I keep them beneath a tree by the sidewalk.

Well! thanks for reminding me of this today!

Embracing the child in me keeps me sane!


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