Back to reading!

The other day there was a book review competition at the university. Young readers impressed the audience with their understanding of writing styles, plots, characterization, setting, voice and what not.

I came back thinking of how impressive these youngsters are really! How shallow the general perception of a millennial is! How we misinterpret who they are without considering the zeitgeist, the spirit of the times they live in!

That perhaps enthused me to look at my rather impressive buying from the recent Book Festival that I attended, where I was also fortunate to launch my second book, Meenu, the Meemi.

I picked up ‘Thoovanathumbikalum mattu thirakathakkalum’ of the legendary film maker, P. Padmarajan.

I remember how I would devour the iconic Mathrubhumi Aazhchapathippu with a great eagerness as a kid and the imprint of his short story, ‘Rajakumariyum prathimayum’ is still fresh in my mind.

So, long then, so good to pick up a story and read it and get lost again in a world of imagination, of fantasy, of love, of lust and the very realistic and intriguing picturization of love and lust in Padmarajan’s movies. The scripts are of course, very well written, and read like a novel…..

In a world that pinches you with pain, reading and writing is the true escape for any sensitive soul! Luckily, I am also meeting my set demands on my twin passions of reading and writing, all that is to be added is travelling and having some good conversation!!! Good company too, maybe!

Back to reading, then!

P.Padmarajan, Thoovanathumbikalum mattu thirakadhakalum, DC Books, 5th Edition

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