How the universe speaks!

Has it happened to you that often when you hit the nadir of your emotional wealth, you are surprised, nay shocked by a sudden affirmation of your worth , that somehow changes your view of the world and of course of yourself!

There have been many instances of these in my life, ever since I became aware of the presence of forces beyond me in my life and living, such was it on my birthday.

You see, I had stopped celebrations of birthdays after my brother’s passing, thinking of the unfairness of it all…

My daughter though would not let me be alone or unattended to on my birthdays and we would go out, ‘ let me take you out!, come on dress up!’, so she would say!

With her work and moving to another city, it is impossible for her to be with me. But it so happened that while I was sitting and brooding on my birthday, the door knocked and in walked two bright smiling faces, ‘ let’s celebrate your birthday’, the voices of the smart beautiful ladies said in unison!

I was stunned, even shocked to take the event for a good half an hour, and then it all changed, I was grateful that they thought of me and decided to visit me. I could not contain my happiness and I realized how like minded souls bring in so much joy!

But the mood swings are such that it hits a high and a low, with a severe headache, I walked home today, lacking in energy or verve, when a bike stopped by, I turned around to see two smart girls!

I could not recognize them. ‘We are your students mam! I stay here!’. ‘Oh! I recollected the faces and the names, the chirpy youngsters brought to my evening a sunshine that it lacked, ‘come home sometime, will you? I have a cat!’

‘I am a cat person’ , said Paki and Spoorthi smiled. They had changed from when I last taught them for the better, looked more hep and smarter today.

I walked home feeling instantly rejuvenated. It is a good day after all, and a good life too!

I thanked the universe for her messengers!!!

Blessed truly!!!


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