Daily prompt#6

You get to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

A space where there is no rush. Away from the noise of the city. A space of quiet love and sweet murmurs of understanding and companionship….ok, maybe that is too much to ask!

A grand old library where books smell of years of living, and have had many lovers, who have caressed them, mulled over them and perhaps hugged them to sleep.

But mostly a quiet space like my house in Varandhirapilly surrounded by trees, chirping of birds, that which allows reflection with sparse yet, carefully chosen furniture.

A space where a quick coffee is easy to make, a walk is always a possibility. Perhaps even a pond, like the one I dream of having in the compound of my ancestral village home.

In such space with no pretense whatsoever, tales could be heard from heavens above, the conduit would furnish points to ponder and the verses would flow…

Aah! if such is life, then it is heaven!!!


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