Daily prompt #8

Significance of being stupid

Do you play in your daily life? What says “playtime” to you?

Word play, I do love words!!!

Ok, so I have a few secret games which makes me brighten up though it is true I might look an odd ball while at it!

But who cares??? I certainly don’t.

  1. While walking back home after work, I look for reasonably healthy looking pebbles, I don’t find them everyday, some times I even forget my own game, but when I find them, I toss them and take the pebble the half a kilo metre way back home, tossing it with my feet and if it reaches the gate to my apartment, I pick it up and place it under a tree on the pavement park. I believe that this successful tossing of a pebble to this secret place of mine will bring me some good news. Believe me, it has worked so far!!!!
  2. When I see a raised platform, I immediately get on to it and walk, if possible, I mean!)
  3. When walking in corridors, or anywhere if there are blocks I try to step into a block only once, this looks a bit eccentric to onlookers, coz I am like what, 49!!!! but I love doing it and usually I don’t care if someone sees me.
  4. I play scrabble
  5. Hide and seek with my cat, Andrew
  6. Hit and run to save from being hit with my daughter
  7. Add the numbers of license plates while travelling or driving
  8. Talk gibberish in suitable company

So, there came a time in my life, when I realized that my ever present smile had gone missing and looked strained at its best. I had lost the spontaneous giggles and sudden spurts of joy that were my best identification, I realized then that regaining that inner laughter was my priority, ever since, I have boldly, joyfully embraced these eccentricities to this day.

Well! before you laugh at me, did you know that there was a certain good looking mathematician by the name G. H. Hardy, whose first task upon entering a hotel room was to cover all the mirrors!!! I know this thanks to C P Snow’s interesting account, Variety of Men!


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