#Daily prompt 9

What is the greatest gift someone could give you?

Tough question!!!!

I would love to receive opportunities to grow as a writer. To be able to explore by travelling, meeting people, spend days after days just writing.

Such trust and faith in my creative abilities means the world to me.

Or maybe I just want to be gifted some love, some time, some care…..

I do respect the question though, because when my friend Anwar asked me, did you have a crush, Lekha, I was so surprised, I wondered why no one ever asked me such a question before.

Then I had another friend, Binu Peter who, though casually, asked me what do you look for in a partner, I loved it that he chose to ask me this question.

And my daughter who asks me, ‘what would you like to eat ma? where would you like to go? what color do you like?’

Or sometimes my students who ask,’ what do you want to do more mam?, what place would you like to visit? who is your favorite student? or why do you write?’

I realize why questions are important now and relish it when questions are asked because well! for one it rules out assumption, doesn’t it?

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