Just positive – Switch words

I learnt about switch words recently. Immediately, I shared it with my daughter and my friends, I said, use it, you should do it.

The frenzy lasted for a few days, but when it lasted there was more talk, some new thoughts and it was fun. The technique I hear is to repeat the switch word as many times as you please, something like a positive affirmation or the mantras we chant here in India.

I think the mind gets into an auto suggestion mode when it hears positive words on repeat and it sort of makes it happen.

Let me share what I learnt with you

DIVINE – is a switch word to use if you want to have miracles in life, who doesn’t !!!

REACH-HEALTHY-BE – is switch word to use for health

FIND-COUNT -DIVINE – is a switch word for wealth and prosperity

DO – is switch word to beat procrastination, like the Nike tag line, just do it

WOLF-MAGIC-BEGIN-NOW – is a switch word for quick solution

GIVE- is a switch word to sell anything

TOGETHER-DIVINE is a switch word for business growth

GOLDEN SUNRISE – is a switch word to use for any problem in life

TOGETHER DIVINE LOVE – is the switch word for love and relationship

There it goes, switch to positivity, use switch words!!!

Good luck, have a great day!!!

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