Cut the clutter – Start afresh

Very often, you and I are overwhelmed by the day to day happenings in our lives, at home, at office, in our friends circle, among relatives and so often, it weighs us down.

The meaningless clutter, the chatter of the mind, the noise in the head that seems to over rule anything that is productive in our lives.

An individual who is rude and insensitive, a system that is unfair, a person who doesn’t acknowledge you or value your contributions, a lover who walked away, a child who is cranky, a spouse who is impossible, others who are getting more than their due and so on and so forth.

How difficult it is to be normal, straight faced and focused in such times, how much one struggles to put the smile back on one’s face. ..

Truly, it is a challenge.

That is when it becomes all the more important to think of a greater goal, a travel you want to go on, a person who you want to help, a business you want to set up, a research you want to embark on, a soul mate you are in search of, an experience you can’t wait to have, and the moment you think of a greater goal, the small noises of the day to day life suddenly lose its significance.

The mind now realizes that everything else is mindless chatter and like an athlete you would focus on the goal again, that which you really want to achieve, that which is greater than the daily humdrum of your life.

So, go on peg your mind, heart and soul to long term visions for yourself, allow the small inadequacies to fade away, re focus, re group, re align as many times as you want and with the singular focus of an athlete’s mind, hit back at the larger goal.

The clutter is lesser, the mind is clearer, coz there are bigger, better things to do for you and for me…

So dream, visualize, achieve your goals, personal and professional!

Good luck!

Have a super duper day!!!

cut the clutter

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