A whale of a heart

I could carry you in my heart

my love, not just you,

but your granny too

perhaps we could go on a ride

you and I, with your granny in tow

maybe she will know why I need to be here

in times of our common ancestors

we could both exist on the planet

in waters which we lorded

you, on the land which you governed

respecting boundaries, knowing each

had its own role and significance

in the larger scheme of things

yet, Moby Dick onwards

things have gotten harsher

my kind are struggling to breathe

often marooned

in attempts to seek a ceasefire


to make you prettier or your dogs

smarter with our flesh and sweat

know that you need us

as much as we need you

for the sake of our blue materfamilias

shall we not stick to our fences?

Who would have thought you needed

an ‘Avatar’ to know of us

the ways of waters

sentient beings like yourself

Come look beyond shapes

water and earth are forever synkóllisi





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