Iratta & Nan Pakal Nerathu Mayakam -Malayalam Movies

I watched Iratta twice to get what it meant, the mindlessness of violence against women hit a all new yet very familiar terrain in the movie and makes you sink into your thoughts.

For many women, it will remind them of unexplainable pain they would have experienced sometime in their lives and the fear for existence between the desire to move ahead and the dread of exploitation.

It is a must watch!

Nan Pakal Nerathu Mayakam is different, a peep into an alternate reality, a parallel universe, sometimes we have all perhaps experienced a doubt about our existence and a unknown, unlikely yet strong affinity to something hitherto alien, where does that come from.

Joju George scales a new high in his acting career in Iratta and Mamootty establishes his exalted state in the other!

Both movies are protagonist centered and do not allow other characters much growth!


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