Extraordinary gift of being ordinary

Sometimes we rue our ordinary existence. Our life devoid of luxuries, joys of being rich and spoilt, of the continuous need to toil for basics and moon over the superlative lives of the rich and famous.

Ah! how foolish are we, not to realize the supreme value of being ordinary, an ordinary teacher, a postmaster, the regular clerk, the cook, the small shop owner, the bank manager, the corner shop wallah and so on.

The longer you exist on the planet, the more you revel at extraordinary nature of being plain ordinary, the richness of being common place, the small evening gatherings, the trips to the cinema hall, the boring, uninteresting activities like reading a book, enjoying a Sunday evening by yourself, or the pleasures of simple gardening.

The social media makes us believe that the roadside ‘samosa’ can’t stand a chance against the fashionable ‘meringue’, but don’t fall for the trap and believe that you are worthless because you are ordinary.

Believe instead in the extraordinary worth of being ordinary, plain, just normal, even average…

My brother, who passed away in 2013 was a man of a few ambitions, did want nothing great or flashy for himself ever, was happy just being with his family, his mom, dad and his sister. Yes, he wanted to have a family of his own, but again, he dreamt of marrying a simple girl, leading a simpler life, and a small job to run his home. Fate did not allow him to pursue this ordinary wish, yet, he left a lesson to be well remembered and learnt that ‘ordinary’ is not what it seems, it is but truly beyond the extraordinary!

So, celebrate yourself. If you have missed a few chances at greatness, so be it, keep trying, do not be complacent, but know also that living a normal life is great against ‘living a life that is presumed to be extraordinary!’

Cheers to the pleasures of an ordinary life!


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