Dear reader

Dear reader

as I commit myself to more writing

I am glad you stopped by

thought it fit to ponder

or perhaps just scroll past

the musings of a mind

prone to dreaming

often tempered by pain

yet finding foot in smiles

anchoring in hope

what else is there to hold on

coz no man stood long enough

or thought it worth while to share

or look in the eye and

lend a smile, that meant something more

so yes, you dear readers have been my anchor

pausing, perhaps glancing at the

scribbles of a scribe who was never born

whose dreams of being one were scuttled

when she was too young

who learnt to walk the path

slowly, painfully, yet steadily progressing

so thank you, gracias

you have made a difference to my life.

( when a passport becomes a reality, this humble lover of words hopes to see the places you come from and breathe in the air you breathe before she breathes her last! Thathastu to that!!!)


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