about me

lost much.gained more.loves life.

reads much.writes little.hears none.

receives much.gives little.bargains for more.

dreams much.plans more.works little


of travel.of love.of writes.of learns.

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5 thoughts on “about me”

  1. Hi ma’am, I happened to find your blog yesterday thanks to Twitter and was reading a post from May 2017, “What I learnt in 14 years of teaching at school.” I couldn’t help but reminisce memories from making a video with Jishnu and a couple of others in class 10 when I read “Lesson 10: Allow students to take charge” section of the post. That assignment you gave us and let us take charge of how we wanted to achieve the intended objectives has changed my life. I remember you telling us in class that the video we made was an example of investigative journalism. That day, I went home and read a little about investigative journalism and the idea of becoming an journalist stuck in my mind. When I decided not to take up engineering and pursue journalism, my mother and I spoke to you first for some reassurance and guidance. That phone call changed the course of my academic journey. Today, I’m doing a masters in the field of international relations and development with a bachelor’s degree in media studies and lot of experience in making videos and writing articles, both academic and journalistic. In the future I am strongly considering working in the fields of video, explanatory and investigative journalism. In hindsight, the reason for where I am today, what I am doing and what I intend on doing in the future is solely because of that one assignment, when you allowed my group and I to take charge, when you allowed us to define what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it, when you encouraged us despite our work being extremely different from what other students did. I can’t thank you enough because I am happy with the path I have chosen and excited for what the future has in store. I can’t imagine doing anything else right now. Thanks for being one of the most positive influences in my life.

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  2. Thrilled to bits to read this, Akash. What you shared today makes my work as a teacher so worthwhile…there can be no better reward than kind words from a student.Thanks dear. Wishing you all the best always.


  3. Just read his comment. So happy for Akash that he had the good fortune to be in your class! I was going to ask how you became such a good teacher, but then I remembered your latest entry (about how energized and inspired you are by persons whose activities you observe, including those of students). I have heard more than once that teachers who see students as individuals and lessons as mutual projects are the most successful. You seem to have learned along the way how to share your own love of the literary arts in a personal but respectful manner.

    That comes across in your writings here as well. I always look forward to reading them. If I don’t comment, dont think for lack of interest. It is tempting to assume conversational freedom and then talk too much. I’m still learning the etiquette of the internet, having come upon this means of communication late in life. It is such a powerful medium, for good but sadly for ill as well (as I am learning from the tenor of political discourse in our country). I am grateful that you and others believe in opening to the wider world your thoughts and experiences.

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    1. We all learn from each other all the time. For instance, your generosity in letting me and others like me know what you think of our writings is so wonderful. I wish I could emulate that. Life has led me to believe that human experiences are a lot similar than we think. There is no shame in sharing. I am learning it everyday. As for teaching, I am sure you are a great teacher too, for being such a great communicator yourself.


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