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As we were windin up the semester, the class was euphoric. There were sharing of what they learned and how. The class also talked about the peers, and how others rooted for them and how this transformed them literally. In the general atmosphere of bonhomie and with the satisfaction of having completed the work assigned, I stood relaxed in front of the class of 100 students, 50 online and the rest offline.

Suddenly, a noise broke out from the back benchers, ‘ Mam, we want you to sing!’

I looked up strangely as that was not part of the agenda and smiled it off as a meaningless blabber.

But the call caught on and soon, the entire class was rooting .. we want sreelekha mam to sing!

sing! goodness! not if I have to die in front of you!!!

I thought to myself when someone reasoned, ‘ You always ask us to do so many things and we do. When we don’t know you encourage us, now it is your turn’.

I sweated a bit at this. There seemed to be no escape. I still tried my best and said, ‘Listen, I have no sense of rhythm, I have no sense of music itself’.

‘No problem’, shouted the class to me.

‘We want to hear you sing!’

Ohk, said I after much failed negotiation, I will recite a few sanskrit shlokas for you!

No! No! ‘Ok! anything!

The class cried out their thoughts to me.

Then caught in a corner , way out of my comfort zone, I went ahead and recited the sanskrit shlokas for the first time in my life in front a crowd that big.

When I stopped the class applauded my performance with enthusiasm.

That left me thinking of the mentors and trainers , who have so much to learn and unlearn and so many barriers to cross before we start to lecture others on coming out of the comfort zone!

Speeches are not difficult for me, but songs are a different ball game altogether.The learning from the event is that one has to constantly test oneself to continue to grow and evolve into better mentors, trainers and teachers!


कई बार सोचा है
रास्ता नया खोजना है
कुछ नया सा गीत गाना है
अब चलो पकड़ ही लेते है
नए लोग नयी दुनिया नया दास्ता
पर सच तो यह है की
हर बार जब दो कदम आगे
चलती हूँ तो कुछ ऐसा होता है
जो मजबूर करता है वापस चलने पर

फिर वही राह वही सोच वही बातें
प्यार तो इधर ही है ,मोह और दुःख भी
यही आस है यही है दर्द
तो क्यों बदलें हम
दो टोकर खाने पर
क्यों बदले हम
अँधेरा जब छायें तब
मन की रौशनी में भी दिखता है रास्ता
चलो विश्वास इसी पर कर लेते है अब

और बस चलते रहेंगे हम
दूर न सही
खास न सही
राह वही सही
अकेले ही सही
आस न छोड़ेंगे
दम जब तक हैं
यूँही चलते रहेंगे हम
चलो देखते है
अब खुद पर विश्वास
कर ही लेते हैं


പച്ച പുതപ്പിനിടയിലൂടെ ആകാശ് ഒളിഞ്ഞു നോക്കിക്കൊണ്ടിരുന്നു
തന്ടെ നീല ചീളുകൾ അവൻ അവൾക്കു എറിഞ്ഞു കൊടുത്തു
കാരാഗ്രഹം പോലെ കടുത്ത ഹൃദയത്തിന്റെ വഴികളിൽ അവൻ
അവൾക്കു വേണ്ടി തങ്ക പകിട്ടാർന്ന പരവതാനി വിരിച്ചു

എഴുന്നേൽക്കു നടക്കു തന്ടെ സ്വപ്നങ്ങൾ സാക്ഷാത്ക്കരിക്കു
ഒന്നന്നായി അവൻ അവൾക്കു നിർദ്ദേശങ്ങൾ കൊടുത്തു കൊണ്ടിരുന്നു
മുൻപേ നടന്ന വഴികളിലെ ചതി കുഴികൾ അവൾ മറന്നിട്ടില്ലായിരുന്നു
പേടിച്ചും നാണിച്ചും സങ്കോചം കൊണ്ട് ആകെ ചുഉളിയും
അവൾ പരവശ ആയി എങ്കിലും അനുഭവങ്ങൾ മോഹമായതു കൊണ്ടാവാം
അവൾ മുന്നോട്ടു തന്നെ നടന്നു ,അനുഭവിക്കാതെ എന്തെഴുതാൻ
വീഴാത്തവർ എഴുന്നേൽക്കുന്നതെങ്ങനെ
മോഹിക്കാത്തവർക്കു എന്ത് മോഹഭംഗം

Always High

Coz a woman like her

is always on a high

from the deep breaths daily

spoonfuls of honey

a song in her heart

and head so light

a lilt in her steps

a dance in her sound

a swing to her moods

doldrums in her hips

feet so bright

eyes so sharp

a jiggly wiggly bum

and laughter so loud

tantrums in her smiles

unafraid in her stance

proud of her paths

sure of her ways

a woman like her

is always on a high

no weed no spirit

can get her higher

coz her soul is minted

fresh each day

and her days awash

with hopes so bright

her nights colorful

with dreams so light

tears that stream unshy

screams and sniffles

all venture forth

out on trips often

she must be dreamy

or a dream already

she must be a fool

or foolish you must be

to take her seriously

or maybe not

really, for a woman

like her is on a high

literally no weed

no spirit flowing free

just her faith and her ways

and courage she gathered by

It must be a pleasure

to have her by

with laughter and smiles

flowing free.

you heard me right and heard me true

You heard me right

you heard me true

when I said my friend

my life is mine

the pains are mine

and the gains are too

I hold no grudge

nor no rancor

I love your anger and your hate

I embrace your love

growing steadier

I bow in gratitude

for every pain

that made me grow

taught me strength

for this alone

has taught me truth

of the soul’s might

and its singular flight

on planet earth

I make a few friends

I lose many more

staying by

or walking away

you still are dear

coz we meet

and part

yet we stay on

together ever

and the learning goes on

so does life

then to write

to dream

to say a kind word

to help and be helped

this be the vision

of every life

here in the now

let me live

so should you

so should you

Coz you heard me right

and heard me true

Voyage inside

What sights, what scenes

dost thou voyager seek

what merriment, what company

what adventures unknown

dost thou mean to meet

the journey to the self

is by far the toughest

the most painful and treacherous of all

the most long drawn

fraught with battles unheard, unseen

filled with fears, tears

bleeding of wounds

slow to heal even

with the time’s unction

yet the soul shall triumph

shining through

raring to surge

daring to fly

against tides unknown

fearless of traps, trips

hidden fissures which suck

the spirit within

coz, my love

now is life

now is love

reach out to the stars

the universe roots for you!

What the sky saw

Now that you have come

Why don’t you sit?

I asked Sky

who was fidgeting with a random cloud

Blue rays decorated his crown

Ochre splashed from his chest

I looked at his deep eyes

which looked troubled

despite his vastness

his depth and his many hues

vapid thoughts streamed

straight from his light eyes

It is not easy, he said

to look down and see

what I see

It is not easy

to know what I know either.

I said nothing

coz how could I see

what he saw

how could I know

what he knew

a moment of silence

stood doubtful of an

incoming barrage of thoughts

dressed in words azure

I turned to look away

when I sensed my lightness

floating above the clouds

he showed me what he saw

and that was it

there was nothing more to seek

there was nothing more to know

I closed my eyes in a trance.

Ah! Love

Ah! love

hold your heart

the morrows come

dressed in blue

trailing clouds sing paeans

to a future that is yet to unfold

riding horses swift and clear

dreams alight to make reality

warm love suffuses surrounding you

spreading cheer and deep radiance all around

till then rejoice for love is now

joy is near and hope sits not too far

build the wishes clear, color them bright

and smile throughout

your eyes so sparkling clear will behold

a world transformed in front of your eyes

till then love, hold your heart

watch your breath, keep the smile in the corner of your eyes

your forehead free of furrowing thoughts

your nights and days light and bright

look often at the azure sky

who bends in brightness

and pours in darkness

oftentimes he brings out colors unknown

to bring you joy in the surprise of being alive

this be wisdom, this be true.

കണ്ണുനീരിൽ കുതിർന്ന പുഞ്ചിരി

ദുഃഖം ഘനീഭവിച്ച വീഥികളിൽ
ചില മര്മരങ്ങൾ ഉണർന്നപ്പോൾ
മോഹം പൊങ്ങി വന്നെങ്കിൽ
അത് സ്വാഭാവികം മാത്രം

നീല ആകാശം പുഞ്ചിരി തൂകി
മെല്ലെ കാര്മേഘങ്ങൾക്കു പുറകിൽ
പോയി ഒളിച്ചെങ്കിൽ അത്
സമയത്തിന്റെ കാല് മാറ്റം മാത്രം

എന്നിട്ടും എല്ലാം അറിഞ്ഞിട്ടും
അറിയാത്ത ഭാവം നടിക്കുന്ന മനസ്സ്
ഒരു സ്വപ്നജീവിയുടെ സ്വന്തമായിരിക്കും
അല്ലെങ്കിൽ ആര്ക്കാണ് സത്യത്തിൽ മിഥ്യ കാണാൻ കഴിയുക?

എവിടെ നിന്നോ സൂര്യ രശ്മികൾ ഇടുങ്ങിയ
ഹൃദയത്തിലേക്കു പ്രവേശം ആഗ്രഹിച്ചു നിന്നു
കണ്ണുനീർ തടാകത്തിലെ കറുത്ത മേഘങ്ങൾ
അവയെ തട്ടി മാറ്റി കൊണ്ടിരിക്കവേ
സ്വപ്നം തന്റെ ചിലന്തി വലയെ നോക്കി

മുറുമുറുത്തു അല്ല, ഇതിപ്പോ മാറ്റി പാർപ്പിക്കണോ?
കണ്ണുനീരിൽ കുതിർന്ന പുഞ്ചിരി
ഉത്തരം മുട്ടി നിന്നു.

Out of a time capsule

The all consuming role of a mother so entranced me that I had no clue of a world outside for over 2 decades. Life went by swiftly and I woke up with a shock and a surprise when I saw my lil girl all packed and ready to move.

Oh! dear me! what am I to do now? My heart cried out when my bestest pal and the only one on the planet sought permission to move ahead in life. I struggled to keep calm and maintain my composure as tornadoes broke out swinging my heart like a pendulum. I lost appetite. I imagined worst diseases that awaited me. In fact I decided to be a renunciate and move out of the city to the calm of a faraway ashram. What is there in life any more? The purpose of living is now moving out.

Strange but true, I hit the rock bottom from the happy space I had found myself in but I worked on myself continuously. When an incurable sudden pain appeared on my left arm, I realized it is nothing but manifestation of my emotional baggage.

I decided to look around and reconnect to people, colleagues beyond the so called utilitarian purposes, it was difficult and it still is, for a recluse like me to step out of my comfort zone but I did and took some chances on the way.

The experiences have been mixed and I am navigating a new territory yet the learning has been immense. I discovered world anew, changes I had not noticed, people who I did not know existed. The trepidation is still there, the fear or the doubt and the hesitation but there is also a willingness to understand and not to distrust at the first instance.

Mostly I look at my parents and learn resilience everyday. I find what power good intentions and a good heart can bring to lives, theirs and to those who they interact with.

As I start my research work and connect to new people and listen to them and make notes, the universe seems to have stitched the threads of all goals into one, seamlessly, by connecting faraway dots and allowing me to watch new patterns emerge.

I look on in wonderment and hope, eager for a brighter morrow and hear its approaching footsteps.