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Love fills, love rolls

love flooded in through

the crevices of her soul

filling bits of bright sky

in the corners of her heart

and streaming out into

her glistening eyes

smiles grew warmer

in the winter

the sky nonchalant, lost and shy

for long, so far woke up to her

and reached out in joy

‘you look happy, shall I join?’

but there were new friends

visitors and the light breeze

a few birds and the cat that meowed

thronging into her life

as she stood up to dance

thinking, ‘why I did not know this?

why did I stop the music within?

why did I silence the chatter of dreams

reams of fantasties, giggles and laughter rolls

and look for light elsewhere hiding the lamp within!

‘Now, you know’, said the universe.

Ps: Be your own champion!

A hotbed of Cat-ivity

Seriously, my home has become a hot bed of cat-ivity ever since I believe my kitten came of age…well, not sure about that…but her admirers, an old uncle tom cat and a rather young virile looking dude have since long posted themselves right in front of my house. 

Cat calls, cat fights, I have seen it all and so has my kitty, who peeps through the curtains as her suitors fight it out outside. Once though I went out with a broom, in the typical mom style and drove them off my terrace to get some peace.

Her ways are enticing, my kitty’s that is, to say the least as she gently spreads on the steps and eyes the old uncle cat, who continuously implores her to follow his lead. 

Well, the last time she went out, she stayed out for the whole night and I looking like a clown, would go to the front door to ‘meow’ to get her back even in the middle of the night. ‘Mom’ said my daughter ‘I guess she has migrated to another street with her friends.’

But no, she walks back into the house, when in the evening I open door to enter home after a hectic day’s work, without an inkling of guilt at her mis- behavior and what is more, climbs right onto my lap. ‘Shameless’! says my daughter and I nod my head in agreement.

But what changed after her last rendezvous is not clear to me, coz I notice that she is not inclined to stray far off the house and if I happen to close the front door, she meows from the window asking me to ‘open the damn door!’

Well, I don’t know who is keeping who in the house anymore.

Who is petting whom? or merely tolerating? 

‘House cats are afraid to step out of the house’, said a learned cat-expert and mother of half a dozen cats to me.

Really! then this girl is more of an out side cat,a true nomad, chasing dreams by clinging to the window sill and looking out yearningly and always quick to dash out of the house at the smallest pretext. 

Well, she does drive me crazy with her constant attention seeking and over worked tactics, but she is just so full of life, and is that a crime?!

Kitty is back

Back from the boarding house and clearly proving our fears of being forgotten our dear cat, Messi is a bundle of nervous energy.

Running up and down the chairs and climbing the wall,to inspect the tube light which she had triumphantly brought down with a thud, and peering over the glass window, she presents herself to a ready audience as a woman of the house.

She runs to her table and sniffs for her food.

She checks on her toys and is overjoyed to find them intact.

She purrs at my daughter and allows to be pampered.

While we attack her with our anxiety to ‘see, it’s us’, ‘remember’, she prances around the place and reclaims her space with the eagerness of a squirrel+ a monkey + a puppy.

Messi, is clearly not a common cat, she is neither lazy nor lethargic.

She is a girl who loves to play and demands attention, well, wouldn’t she take after her humans? Purred I!

Not for her the lazing around

or gentle swishing of her tail.

Her ways are of the wind

Her meows angry demanding and questioning

Her tail a tool to test her own ability to solve a riddle

Her food is well, just food

Her interest in all things caffeine undeniable

In her kingdom she alone is the ruler

All others are her servile followers

Waiting for her with feverish passion and attention

Her humans are to her the ‘chief servants in residence’

As she quenches her thirst at the basins of wisdom

She allows others to applaud and cheer her living

If it is self-esteem, self confidence or self anointment

Learn it from Messi, who teaches it best by practice!


Kitty as the CCTV

I am not a great fan of constant supervision or surveillance, yet when my kitty runs around the kitchen keeping a sharp eye on my movements, perking her ears at the orchestra that I create in the morning frenzy, I kind of enjoy it!

I do kind of feel loved and cared for….And it is a happy feeling.

I guess that is what a pet does, with the attention that it gives to you.

When I emphatically declare that ‘see she loves me’, my mother cryptically replies, ‘So you think!’, rolling her eyes and turning up her nose. My mom is not a fan of cats, obviously!

Actually, I read that a cat kind of follows you if it likes you or if it thinks you are its prey!

Wonder what she thinks actually!

But whatever it is, the attention is welcome.

I love the fact that she runs to me with her toy with the expectation that I will play with her.

I like it when she paws me gently and waits for me to heave myself off the comfort of sitting and get up to play with her.

All my declarations of the kitty manifestation of love is dismissed by my ‘jealous’ daughter as figments of my overworked imagination!

Well, one thing I know for sure, if there was a way to download my kitty’s memory, images captured through her eyes, it would be an undeniable clue to the activities at the space, we call home and I would be the protagonist, maybe, maybe not!

Could it be that I am the villain???!!!