Feeding Spirituality

Spirituality walked in

clad in saffron

spouting chaste Malayalam

thinking the high thoughts

the lady said, ‘food is ready, do come in’

spirituality walked in

straight head on straighter shoulders

the heavy weight of this world and the next

carried with elan, after great knowledge, what obstacles?

when about to sit for delicious summer food

of mambazha koottan, pachadi, achar, koottu kalan and pappadam

spirituality asked

‘so are you planning to serve both of us together?’

referring to the cab driver thumbing through the newspaper

the hostess replied

‘both of you are hungry

both of you are travelers

what your destinations are

what paths you choose I hardly care

both of you will share the same table

two travelers, one food, one table

one teacher!


Biscuits don’t bite

Coz you have come this far

why don’t you sit for a while

a cup of coffee will not take much time

nor a bite of a biscuit

I offered more in desperation

than in host-liness

if there be such a stuff!

He sat down gingerly

pecking at the biscuit

preening at his watch

now fingering at the gadget

that talked and did much more

I know it all

I have seen enough life

after all I have been in charge of him

for much long than he gives me credit

then he got up as if in hurry

took out the talking machine

and shouted to emptiness

‘Ok, I am coming, right now’

he stood awkwardly

it was his time to go

but I had already opened the door

he looked at me in surprise, nay, shock.

Well,I laughed to myself

I am desperate

yes, but only for good company!

Loneliness sits well with me

biscuits don’t bite nor run

coffee is always inviting me to the table

there is no pretense here just good old life!

Who be thou?

Who be thou?

knocking at the door

forcing open

dusty rugged eyes shut for long

Who be thou ?

reaching out into the depths

fishing out moist pains past

erasing stains of aches and tears

Who be thou?

friend or benefactor

what brings you here to these rugged plains

deep set vales & slippery grounds

Who be thou?

fantasy, dream or apparition

what leads the heart to murmur

forehead to sweat.

A breeze breathed by

a smile shined in

a song sang itself

a rainbow rose out of nothing!

A Father’s Advice

‘Whatever you are’

said my father

‘whatever you will be’

said he

‘will be solely because

of things you enjoy doing

therefore’, said he gravely

‘it will bode you well

not to neglect these’

as I leaned closer

he murmured

‘Read, read more and more

write, write more and more

speak, often and in measured words

teach because you receive much in giving

read because you need to know more to speak less

write because you share and learn as you express yourself

speak because you need to know what you clearly don’t know

not the gadgets, nor the likes, nor the accolades, nor the brickbats

nor you yourself will sustain on your own

most importantly do, go out and do what you can whenever you can wherever you can!’

said my father before he returned to his morning newspaper.

Blessings bounteous

Blessings bounteous

are these

the man and the woman

who take pride

who work hard

who love so much

whose care in every action speaks

that your heart breaks

tears flow

gratitude fills

every pore of your soul

soaking every negative thought

every fear that might float in

what quirk of fate

left me on earth

and stole him him my beloved brother

I cannot say

born to these parents

we have both been lucky

this love brother, is mine and yours to share

I have not forgotten nor shall ever forget

yet, to be alive

to be breathing

to be spoken of with such love

such pride for almost nothing

really,what more could I ask for

what more could I ever want?

to be your cherished child is my only dream

to be your loved girl is my greatest achievement

humbled and strengthened

every time I speak to you

fortified every time I watch you

thank you for being there!

thank you dear universe

for your blessings bounteous!

This way please!

‘This way please’

I implored laughter

who, was reluctant to come

sit for a cup of coffee,a nod and a smile

‘when did you become so pricey?’

asked I still mendicant- like

hands folded in reverence

eyes prayerful, shoulders drooping

when he chose not to answer

I pulled him in,

wailing now,hands flaying

gurgling in rolls and rolls of good bellyful laughter

ears reddening and voice now cracking

‘I only wanted to be called’, he said

‘you could’ve told’, I countered

crumbling in piles of joyful shakes

spreading contagious vibes

we fell on the floor heaving loads and loads of fun-filled guffaws

the corridors crumbled and rumbled

and a voice said

‘what’s that noise?’

and we, laughter and I

shrieked loud unable to contain our many joys!

Dark Awaits

The dark awaits

solemn quiet

don’t hesitate

embrace the dark

trust what you cannot see

see with your heart

it knows. it knows.

reach out

sometimes you are reached back

otherwise silence

yet trust, trust the dark

stark be the truth

fierce the sounds

yet know that the dark speaks

speaks to you in low dull tones

murmuring wisdom from beyond

trust the dark

dark awaits. dark awaits

step ahead

step in line

slip out of line

but just step up

take it


dark teaches

more than the light

the harsh lessons strike

like hot coal

scalding burning

but listen to the dark

she speaks. she speaks.

often times her sounds are convoluted

still she brings to you the fruits of knowledge

of sweats of the past lives

of tear beads accumulated in pain

in slow cooking of agony

in the rise and fall of anxiety

so harken the dark


life follows what is not

light follows the dark.


Ahead in the line

I saw a silhoute

that caught my fancy

a silver bun

a few silver strands dancing

a white dress

a pale complexion

a back not yet bent

and perhaps I thought eyes still bright

then I saw her profile from the side

just a glance

her eyes beneath her glasses

her lips drying

I turned away afraid to be caught staring

but as you would guess

my eyes strayed

and she turned with a sharp look

I stood shocked

who did she resemble so closely

and then I realized

I was standing since long in the queue of time

future ahead

past behind

which side was I

I shuddered to think

till I noticed I had fallen apart

away dangling as if from nowhere

watching the

myriad faces of lives now and after

and I broke into laughter.

Of her

It must be her smile I thought

or those little hands that clasped mine

those moments when she leaned in

or a firm hand now when we cross the road

it must be the fact that she is taller

and definitely smarter

way ahead than what I could hope myself to be

it must be then those memories of laughter

of little jokes, of incessant passion for dance

dressing up and posing

of the stories of school, classroom, teachers

of those little insecurities and then the revelations

the great discoveries of the self and small moments of acute embarrassments

it must be the feeling of her self in my being

of how special she felt and how special I knew she is going to be

it is beautiful to have her by the side

with the many quarrels and fights

the long pieces of motivational setups

the sneer and the sly banter of ‘ so what did you do?’

of now to see her walk ahead

just herself ,her sweet being, so blessed and so true

that I stand in awe of the blessings bounteous of the universe.

Some times break

Sometimes just break

softly, calmly, in lonely little corners

of the heart where the eyes don’t preen

words don’t preach

break into teeny weeny little pieces

of splinters scattering slithering

shining even in breakage

coz what can build without breaking

what can grow without the agony of growth

that sense of searing cruising in and out of every cell

when life is a state of thanksgiving

break, just break

gathering pieces of break-dom

to castle something unique

a few laughter here

a few sly back slaps there

does not dither what was meant to be great

so choose to break

in solitude

and recover in sunshine

straddling the world

in pride and power

reach out

turn around

wave a hand

and say cheerio!

here I come!