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Connections that matter

Connections that matter

are those where there is no yesterday

where you start off as if it was the other day

even after a long 2 decade hiatus

connections that are close

need speak little

nor show less

but just be

where you are welcome

no matter who or when

where you are not special

but just the same

there are no compulsory

good mornings

or birthdays

nor anniversaries

just sweet moments

hanging together like a bunch of grapes

aging well, changing color, contour even taste

but just the same

a few tears here

a few scorns never tired them enough

to turn heads and walk away

PS: of friends and friendship, life is beautiful


Love,not lovely


the young soul

caught in a fury of emotions

wanted just an ear

all he got was an earful

advises,solutions, suggestions

until he was sat down

with someone who willed to hear



yet childlike

lost in love

losing out to anger

hold a hand

sit a while

let tears stream

smiles blossom

If there’s everything but no love

is that life?

If there’s nothing but just love

is that living?

life is tough

living is even more so

and love,it’ complicated!

PS: Young and in love

Dumb dumb dying…

dumb dumb dying

in the eyes of prying

so it is now

and so it will be

for many more days to come

oh no, don’t lift a finger

nor should you stop or linger

coz there is really nothing to do

what’s to done is done

nothing can now be undone

coz its dumb dumb dying

in the eyes of prying

oh, watch the lands a-sinking

watch the hills a-gliding

hear the trees stop crying

no more birds are chirping

coz it’s dumb dumb dying

in the eyes of prying

surging waters rally

buildings come up silly

minting money filling pockets

children crying not to bother

coz it’s dumb dumb dying

in the eyes of prying

preach the gods non existent

sing the songs that meaning not a thing

tell the stories if any

laugh out before sorrows too many

coz it’s dumb dumb dying

in the eyes of prying

PS: Sinking cities across the world, climate change is real

The Octopus in her


must be an octopus


pulling those who meander by

into your close communion

even without their permission

crying, you are mine! you are mine!

what a bore!

you! octopus woman!

I see through your secret agenda

I smell many things fishy

I know even before you forsee


you are worse than an evangelist!

scheming to convert

planning to plant seeds of love

when there is neither rain or earth

looking eagerly to hug

and hold, ha! what a tight hold!


you octopus of a woman!

I wish I could never had to meet you

know you or care about you

I wish your dangerous sweet potions

of love, care, mushiness

was not ever trusted by me

ha! I did and how!

it ruined me for life

you, octopus of a woman

with your jazzy snazzy tentacles

armed with smiles dangerous

a voice too sweet to be true

intentions malicious

I trust thee not

you octopus woman.

A willy nilly listener

So it was what was eating her up

in the cramped little corners of the heart

she sought constantly

a friend to talk to

a willing ear

a few doors shut

some stomping and shutting off later

she still preened into crevices

to find the suspect

a half smile seals the deal

she pounces eagerly

so boss, just gotta listen to me

surprised, a little flustered

perhaps hugely bored

the willy nilly listener

stayed and heard the story out

a good smile bloomed

some poetry

some literature

some repartee


PS: Friends for all

Before the bier

Before the bier

she turned to speak

walk by me

follow the corpse

in silence

think of what is

and what could have been

we have spoken enough


you and I

have had it all

perhaps not

I gave it all when I could

time took all of me

you stood by at times

and walked away at others

that I know is life

have I not danced,sung, laughed and cried enough

have we not quarreled silly

walked off and walked again

a sensation of senselessness

enters me now

the left toe twitches

the last breath escapes in pain

caught at the joints

prana struggles to find its way

out of the living body

to freedom

breathe in

breathe out

its all that is there ever

perhaps I will see you

perhaps not

walk by my bier

quiet, will you?