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Thoughts &TECH

If thoughts

reached out to another

they perhaps prefer

to hang out with each other

have long conversations

and have long walks

before falling asleep in each other’s arms

than being muffled in pages and boards

chained to lifeless screens of patterns atrocious

numbing the need of a man for another

faking it out on platforms across boundaries

technology connects

oh! really!

if connecting to distances

distancing from neighborhoods

building delusions

imprisoning in deliriums of dandiness

was what it is touted to be

then who would be lonely anymore!

who would prance across platforms

in search of amorous adventures

or mutual understandings

or familiar hugs and kisses

or a digital thumbs up

Well! who is to tell that!

Truth be said

the rhythm in your body is the rhthym of the skies

the voice in your soul is the voice of the universe

your color is from the palettes of living

your wisdom is from your forefathers

the love in your heart is a call from above

you are the best you will ever know

do not muffle what is inborn

love, nurture and hold

splinters of every pain

rays of each smile

radiance of every hug

a handshake or a nod

know that the winds call you

the skies look out for you

the stars search wisdom in you

being the centre of the universe

that you are

do not belittle love, life and living

do not hold ire, hatred or angst

live and let live

the universe roots for you.

Aging well!


yields way to belief

strange things begin to occur

like manifestations of love

of loved ones who gather

to cheer and hold

when cynicism parts

to make space for faith

magical reunions of souls alike

happen out of the blue

holding on to memories

simple simple talks

walking together

or catching upon a movie

or just chatting

life is beautiful with friends

Age sits well

in kind hearts and compassionate souls

and says simply

live and let live, my love!

Live up every moment.

Dreadful dreams

What is with


throwing up


far too far from reality



sheer torture

what ails the mind

what fuels the hope

what drives desire

what pushes the soul

to reach out

into nothingness


break the mask of fantasy

tear the facade of illusion

truth lives by

turn, acknowledge, embrace.

Ps: what draws the line between truth and fantasy!

The Canvass

It has been the same

the canvass

on which she poured colors

vibrant, dramatic, dark

the faint faces

seemed the same too

over the years

nothing changed

figures, forms

a woman of small means

smaller space

tiny winy little drops of life

small insignificant living

sometimes she turned around

in anger

filling her canvass with hatred

sometimes hours of humor

or simple jealousies

small yet eventful fantasies

tiny dashes of anger

sprouting emotions

yet this canvass

the essence of who she was

has been the same

small in many ways

insignificant to many others

yet true to her self

when I felt love

she said, I felt it well

when I don’t, I don’t

where is the space for

intervals in loving

she said turning to me

long intermissions

has been my pattern

said the other

sager, wiser perhaps or not

my dreams are ordinary

my moments are simple

hence my life is thus

so be it

said I and walked away.

small insignificant lives

there was nothing big about his dreams

they were of everyday

walk, run, talk

marry, he said

have children

yes,yes, go to work

come to a loving wife

and smiles

some sorrows

little bits of anger

spicing up life

but you see, a happy story

so to say

that is what he wanted

so when matrimonial ads were read for fun

he said, send my name

or get me started

the wheel chair was not a barrier to dreams

nor to smiles and nods of love

or to music that seemed to fill his life

simple, simple in his words

modest, modest in his wildest dreams

the universe, though, like a tough taskmaster

said to him

‘no, not this for you

a bit of laughter

just a bit, not too much

it will spoil you thoroughly’

he smiled innocently

whatever, if you decide

who can ask otherwise

sometimes in the rains

his voice came floating from away

far away,far far away

a voice of love and care

mostly compassion

does he seek his soul sister

does he seek a friend

does he reach out in fragrance

wafts of heavenly scents

filling the vacuum

I am not so dramatic

perhaps he would say

I am rather simple

my life and passing away too

has been common, too common

even to me

yet, such is life

such are lives

small, insignificant lives

yours and mine.

you are too delusional

far too given to imagination

he smiled tenderly

she looked on

radiance in her eyes.

Connections that matter

Connections that matter

are those where there is no yesterday

where you start off as if it was the other day

even after a long 2 decade hiatus

connections that are close

need speak little

nor show less

but just be

where you are welcome

no matter who or when

where you are not special

but just the same

there are no compulsory

good mornings

or birthdays

nor anniversaries

just sweet moments

hanging together like a bunch of grapes

aging well, changing color, contour even taste

but just the same

a few tears here

a few scorns never tired them enough

to turn heads and walk away

PS: of friends and friendship, life is beautiful