Some times break

Sometimes just break

softly, calmly, in lonely little corners

of the heart where the eyes don’t preen

words don’t preach

break into teeny weeny little pieces

of splinters scattering slithering

shining even in breakage

coz what can build without breaking

what can grow without the agony of growth

that sense of searing cruising in and out of every cell

when life is a state of thanksgiving

break, just break

gathering pieces of break-dom

to castle something unique

a few laughter here

a few sly back slaps there

does not dither what was meant to be great

so choose to break

in solitude

and recover in sunshine

straddling the world

in pride and power

reach out

turn around

wave a hand

and say cheerio!

here I come!


Of too much work!

I like how work feels

lots and lots of it


it sort of breaks your back

yet keeps the spirits high

crunches every muscle

squeezes every sinew of its

last iota of strength

straining the very juice of life as it were

yet somehow creating an energy

unmistakably elevating

as the poor body aches

of too much strain

eyes turn groggy

and world looks topsy turvy

yet the work calls

have always been rewarding

energies well expended

new synergies created.

Yes, the crib is there

so is the cry

but the joy of engagement

burns away many opportunities

of self-proclaimed victim-hood

of the unreasonable world

of the unkind whatever

and brings back sharp focus

where it should be

stay alive

stay kicking

so long as it lasts!

so long as it lasts!

Ps: To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield- Ulysses, By Alfred Lord Tennyson

A song that seeks

Trapped in the corners of her heart

lies a song

seeking a sound, yearning for a voice, searching an expression

a song

that beholds a sky unseen, unexplored.

Beaten rugged syllables clash and fail to form a word

every time the song tries an escape.

Since times long and forgotten

the song has been meandering its way to you


yet every time

it trembles in her throat

crackling in her voice

rasping in her breath

threatening her sanity

it cries to doors unseen

boulder-ing her path

open, open

break the facades of indifference

break the barriers

bring down the walls

open, open

your arms, your hearts

let me in…

Trust me, said the song, now almost shy

I bring joy, love and prosperity

And she looked away!

To Katelyn Ohashi

For the sheer joy of living

the radiance in your eyes speak

for the beauty of movement

every sinew, every muscle

in your beautiful abode of life

dance in ecstasy

rippling happiness

that stays long in imprisoned smiles

and nods to the self

searching for words

in times of despair

let every man remember

that you thrive

one who is given to living

pain is no pain in the celebration of being

let every woman recollect

there is a celestial rhythm in her movements

dance and the world dances with you

Katelyn Ohashi, you creature of beauty

prosper, spread love and cheer!

may your golden locks

embrace this world with a huge radiant smile

may your dance to power, success and joy

all so beautifully interwoven

remind us, men and women

to search for happiness

envelop ourselves in an embrace of joyful existence!

A walk would do!

‘A walk would do’, she said

‘just a walk

maybe a cup of coffee

sipping in the aroma of the evening

munching on yesterdays

some music from faraway

a book or two on the table

a pen to note down

thoughts floating by

a little of the evening sun

a quiet breeze lulling in the garden

a few leaves twittering

a bird here, a bird there

a friend to drop by

a simmering stove

some conversation

a quiet corner in a busy city

a small heaven’

life has been a rush

now I would rather rest’,

she stopped

and I sighed

‘long list,don’t you think’?

Just delusional!

Hovering in the corners of her dreams

a face fades but holds even as it fades

taunts, teases and tempts

while the heart searches reasons

the mind confronts with unnecessary passions

strangely its an array of events that never occurred

that disturb peaceful slumber with expectations galore

twisting and turning in an imagined agony of what is not

she spends her nights imprisoned in a love of what is never more.

‘Friend’, I start reasoning

‘I will unfriend’, threatens she unreasonably and I go mum.

PS: Spinning castles in the air

As the day turned

As the day turned darker

a gleam of light burned brighter

it was the candle of hope

that lit itself and shone

beneath the blanket of sorrow.

It all started with a knowing smile

a hand reaching out

a pat on the shoulder

a firm handshake

a mischievous wink

a reading between the lines

a confident pout

a twinkle resting in the corner of the eyes.

She picked it up and let it grow

watering it with her dreams

fanning it and nursing it with her sighs.

I watched her in trepidation

wondering of the crystal like nature of dreams

wavy thin foam like

ready to burst…

yet she not one to give up

or give in ever

clung to what looked like a faint smile

a twinkle in the eyes

a nod and an agreement

and I let her be.

With tsunamis here and there

what of life,

if not now, when

I just held my tongue.

PS: dreams and dream like beings


It must be another day

when a hand leaned

in support

a smile turned

in cheering

a gesture of kindness

walked to her.

When it did

a pall of gloom

lifted slowly but surely

she took a few steps forward

its been sometime she thought to herself

since a doorbell rang

a call awaited came

a hand steadied her shoulder

but a good word lasts long

a kind thought seeps through

an open door shows friendship

newly formed

tender unsure yet firm

she smiled

gratitude glittering on her lashes.

No, not yet

‘Coz you came back, friend’, she said

‘I tell you this

don’t speak

not yet

not now

not a word

not a sound

just close your eyes

and breathe in deeply

I shall feel your thoughts

touch your feelings

embrace your ideas.

Holding on to hopes

in the chill of December

to keep us both warm

among icicles of cold shouldering

indifference galore

insensitive to say the least

let love manifest

in forms the universe finds fit

till then, ciao!’

PS: digital living

between letting go and holding on

it’s between letting go 

and holding on 

that a lifetime lies 

in breathing spaces 

the in- betweens

breaking free of cloistering 

chasing fresh air 

love sits delicately

‘grow’, she says 

‘each to his own

yet together

far away 

yet so close 

so dissimilar 

yet so familiar

prosper in open spaces 

foster wisdom and courage 

nurture self and the selflessness

argue, debate, shout in polite tones 

express, exhibit, emerge 


more beautiful somehow

as trees do in the forest

as petals in a flower 

as branches in a tree

separate yet together’.

‘so be it’, the universe said.

PS: the beauty of self hood