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Strange music

strumming in her ears

music of a world hereafter

peering into her heart

songs from afar

dancing rainbows

a few flowers nodding

twittering birds

tunes from within

beauty all around

Ps: What songs say


I love you, she told the sky

and he blushed deep red

his cheeks now crimson almost

he looked down and a tear dropped

falling on her crystal clear cheeks

it spoke stories of yonder

the teardrop on the cheek

shining pure diamond like.

Upward faced she threw her hands

the sky bent in

for one graceful embrace

it’s a beautiful world, she said

what you are seeking is seeking you,he said.

in silence they stood

a few birds flew

the green grass grew

life is what you make of it

they held hands and looked at each other.

PS: Let there be love

stroll together

A stroll by the riverside

a sunset watched together

a coffee break in company

a book read and shared

a bit of gossip

of an uncle or a far off aunt

a meowing cat

a few birds

a frog’s croak

a cricket narrating

in agitation or exhilaration

little heated backanswers

some notable expressions

of hurt, anger and love

such be love

each day every day

Ps: small acts, rich life

Squishy squashy castles

What fluffy dreams

destinations ethereal

are housed in thee

heavenly travelers

beings so bright

what castles squishy squashy

what worlds

what denizens move about in thy abode

what fragrant flora

adorns thy land

what birds of paradise

what winged creatures

ride thy mysterious paths

what mischief sets thee rolling

floating firmaments

what gods, what souls

what deep thoughts

paint thy moorings

harbingers of mighty

mutant mortality

what munitions microscopic

will thou now unleash

what menace mean

shall now descend?

Thus they spoke:

‘what goes around, comes around’



your presence





a waft of hopefulness

waif like in the breeze

reed grown stronger

with age and tender care

holds a soul in lifted spirits

step in and stay on.

For growing old

in your company

watching the stars

gazing at the sky

watching coffee mugs

mingling aromas

looking for shards

of broken imagery

pulsing poetry

means so much

to me

defining who I am

and who I would be

together in your company.

When branches sway

sweet mornings awake

smiles catch on

to each other

to spread songs

sun rays dancing

words would dance

stories come alive

in silence

we could speak.

Sweet love

step in

stay on

shy be your gentle smile

brooding charisma

be thou who you are

just be

years apart

has just made

a longing deep


confounding logic

sense and reasoning

sweet love

step in stay on

PS: of dreams in corona

The mind, the heart

‘No, I am not a party to this

free flow of emotions

the gush of uninhibited affections

the steadfast of love

(fasting, fasting!!!!)

seriously this output sans input’

the mind said sarcastically

ticking off boxes

rolling eyes

curling sly lips

‘gets to me totally

its sinful, wasteful to say the least!’

but the heart, ah, the heart

shameless in love puerile affirmed again

that which should die of want of succor

doth here flourish in dreams and make beliefs

blushing unseen and nodding to self

building castles in the air.

Finding such conversation

remarkably stupid

a classic waste of time

she cried, ‘hush, you fools

let me get this report on the table!’

you heard her right

You heard her right

when she told you straight

she walks with courage

dreams with passion

needs none but a friend

hear her out

hold her tight

walk beside

read a bit

think together

laugh out loud

no savior with a bleeding heart

no warrior with violent words

no sympathy seeping in deeds

no knight in shining armor

just a kind human heart

now, said she, ‘is that too much to ask?’

Have we met before?

How often have I stopped

startled in my dreams

to see you yonder

friend and lover

to feel a fantasy so real

is yet a tragedy for sure

for tears have welled

and heart swelled in pain

yet knowing how

way leads to way

and living one day to another

to hold. to tell. to breathe

care and love as I know

is what floats life

transient in this world

when I feel deep and real

a presence I cannot hold

yet near every time

words I have none

but hold make real a dream

and this be life

such be living