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Inside out

What holds place

what sustains love

what nourishes hope

what powers dreams

what soldiers smiles

the spirit in you

around you

holds you through

so smile,reach out, hug and be hugged

it’s one life after all.

PS: Help a dream come true

A time for love

Too much censure

have I had

Too much in hiding

have I been

Too much have I ignored self

Too much I feared

held back austere

said she

now is my time

to blossom

in love

so turn


to fragrances of tenderness

kind words, sweet notes

a heart of love



the universe smiled quizzically

some never give up, do they???!!!

What the sky spoke

Stop a bit I said

shed a tear

breathe a breeze

come sit down

I implored

the sky

being busy

said sorry love

my tears are precious

burning lands need them

my breeze is for the kids

with dreams and hair flying wild

my time is for you though

all of it

she smiled

as I blushed

winking and moving ahead

she said

their skies are yours too

their waters

their love, hatred and lust

is a part of you too

you are one

here, there, everywhere

like myself

and I was aghast!

REst in Peace/pieces

where have you been

I asked rest in peace

she said

I left you with noise

so you could know

sound and silence best

but did you I asked skeptically

devise a plan dubious

to unsettle me

who am I

she laughed

peace or pieces is your choice

isn’t it really?

the cat meowed

the kittens clawed at the door

Steady said the universe

planting a kiss on my forehead

I hugged her tight.

The Wrath of Strength

Strong women

have it tougher

for being of steel

it is fun to mock

to break

to rile

did she not ask for it

for daring to have an opinion

for having the gumption to lead

for the courage to stand up

so now

go on

mock, mock, mock

break, break, break

till she quits

and then you can celebrate!

Ps: breaking the glass ceiling is a hell lot of work! soldier on, dear friend.

Thoughts &TECH

If thoughts

reached out to another

they perhaps prefer

to hang out with each other

have long conversations

and have long walks

before falling asleep in each other’s arms

than being muffled in pages and boards

chained to lifeless screens of patterns atrocious

numbing the need of a man for another

faking it out on platforms across boundaries

technology connects

oh! really!

if connecting to distances

distancing from neighborhoods

building delusions

imprisoning in deliriums of dandiness

was what it is touted to be

then who would be lonely anymore!

who would prance across platforms

in search of amorous adventures

or mutual understandings

or familiar hugs and kisses

or a digital thumbs up

Well! who is to tell that!

Truth be said

the rhythm in your body is the rhthym of the skies

the voice in your soul is the voice of the universe

your color is from the palettes of living

your wisdom is from your forefathers

the love in your heart is a call from above

you are the best you will ever know

do not muffle what is inborn

love, nurture and hold

splinters of every pain

rays of each smile

radiance of every hug

a handshake or a nod

know that the winds call you

the skies look out for you

the stars search wisdom in you

being the centre of the universe

that you are

do not belittle love, life and living

do not hold ire, hatred or angst

live and let live

the universe roots for you.