अजीब लोग

कुछ बातें अजीब सी होती है
कुछ लोग भी
सोचती हूँ
चुप रहूंगी
नहीं अपनी चोट नहीं दिखाउंगी
नहीं कुछ किसीसे नहीं कहूँगी
पर जब दिल टूट जाएं
आंसू रुखने का नाम न ले
तब क्या कहे
क्या न कहे
कुछ लोगोंकी
फितरत ही अजीब है
आगे दोस्त
पीछे दुश्मन
भाई कह
दिया होता
दिल खोलखे न देती
क्यों दोस्त बनके
दिल दुखाते हो
सीधा सीधा दुश्मनी निभाती
कुछ मज़ा मुझे भी आता
बस इतना कहूँगी
विश्वास अभी भी मज़बूत है
आगे बहुत कुछ करना है
जीना है जी भरके
बस ऐसे हार
हमने कभी नहीं माना है
तो आज क्यों रोयेंगे
बताओ आज कैसे रुखेंगे
जब भी हारते है
और जीना का जी करता है
यूँ समज लो
जीना भी एक तरीके का जीत ही होता है

Live in the moment

a slight stir

a movement nonetheless

an awakening

a new lease of life

of an all powerful feeling

should this be a mirage

a non-starter

a dream


perhaps not

yet surely

the energies are moving

the life is rekindling

a hope is glimmering

is that a hand reaching out

is that a voice whispering

is that a bond strengthening

faraway destinations beckon

wait and watch

there is no rush

no push

no reason to complain

leave out the expectations

live in the moment

Introduction to Learn with Lekha

Learning any language has to start with the basics, which is a mindset to believe that one has the ability to learn and speak that language fluently. Practice is perhaps the only way to master any language.

We know that English has become a professional requirement today. Therefore there is a lot of pressure or stress associated with learning to speak in this language. This stress often causes hindrance in learning.

As Indians most of us do not speak English as it is not our mother tongue, however, it is quite easy to master English.

During this course, I will provide lessons, exercises and activities related to learning of English at your own pace. Kindly follow the instructions and write to me at sreelekhakopparambil@gmail.com for more details or clarifications.

Let’s get started.

Tom Hanks & movies

It is incredible how much Tom Hanks brings to his character. It is like he is some very malleable and ductile individual who just blends into the character so much that there is absolutely no ‘ Tom Hanks’ out there just the character.

Watching ‘The Terminal’ again yesterday, one is struck by the gullible naive Victor Navorski of Krakozhia.

What a delight the movie is!

I was for some reason reminded strongly of the ‘Maid in Manhattan’ and of the Cindrella moment in the life of Marisa when she puts on that necklace and the dress of one of her clients in the hotel and walks to the ball room to the collective sigh of every one present. What a moment!

The stories of the under dogs is what we all root for. We some how adore stories of triumph in love and life and when the lead character who is a commoner achieves something uncommon out of sheer grit and courage or that leap of faith, the viewer is hooked. Could that not be my/our journey?

Plato talked of the catharsis of how watching an intense act of drama purges the viewer of a lot of accumulated negative emotions.

The lock down has been a time for movies,books and discussions.Each of these movies has been a revelation in some sense apart of course being great entertainment.

Here are a few movies I caught up with:

Image result for the terminal
Image result for the parasite
Image result for the great debaters

So what movies have you been watching!

ParasiTe & a Reality Check

Ever since I watched the movie’Parasite’ yesterday with my daughter I have slumped into a state of a willing suspension of disbelief! In fact I could not bring myself to watch the whole movie, it was so real that it hurt.

The movie has been a long standing recommendation from her but as always I am rather lazy to do things on my own and keep clamoring for company.

The Book Thief is a book she had recommended me long back,two years ago to be precise.

You can get that I am rather slow, given to imagination and much self-absorption. That is not a secret and well I don’t intend to change much !

Anyways, it is impossible given the times we are living in not to think of parallelism between the metaphor of staircase in the film Parasite and the reality of novel corona virus spreading across the world right now.

While a middle class university assistant professor like myself has got a work from home order and perhaps can spend time to rethink my research paper,or that writing project or the fitness that half a century mark calls for, the maid who reports to my home can not perhaps afford to take even a day off.

In fact, her daughter who works on Sundays included in a mall has no off even though there are no visitors or customers to take care of.

Out there those on the higher elevations of the ladder will be relaxing more before the pinch gets to the skin.

The street vendors have to forego their daily earning.

The daily wage laborers are stuck. They never learned to save.

The enormous population of homeless are definitely the last to get any form of health care.

Beyond this country though there are vast majorities of people who the Corona will not differentiate but will attack all the same.

Death they say is a great leveller

well, Corona is no less!

The Last believer

the last believer left the altar

the sirens called out the hoard

to the nearest chemist

where much chastised

one metre away

gathered palms folded

heads bowed

the holy flame

stood watching

shaking, shivering, swaying

the holy man in unholy garb

skewed nostrils

protruding mouths

shut ears

reached out

one,two, three a plenty

the street sides

dreamed of footsteps

thud thud thud

a distant bird chirped

a long distance affair bloomed

heads huddled in rooms

blinded to each other

rushed and hit the walls

cracks wizened

no machinery

no order

no thumping foot

no gunnery

just a speck

a swirling speck

take this message to millions

the call belted out

stay put

stay safe

a message went to a friend

hopes rarely die

the last laugh was heard

the blue skies smiled

speck and the cosmos!


Clearly knowing it is not the thing

having have been told explicitly so

the heart still wanders and holds

what is not there for what

who knows

Living the truth as it is

each day every day

being in the moment

still holding on to victimhood

trying to placate a wounded

ego of the self

nourishing a pain

nurturing a wound

to celebrate a helplessness

when well,action is all that is needed

is a story one likes to live

for one’s own doom!

Living to learn

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