Post event depression

So I have been reading on about post partum depression these days. How new mothers get depressed post delivery.

I am sitting at home having supposedly delivered a task very well. Having managed an event that drew appreciation from all quarters.Yet sitting at home today I am terribly lost,lonely and somehow clueless.

I was hoping to go out. My friend dropped out last moment. I am sad because I feel I didn’t even celebrate my success.What life is this obviously!

So I am kind of grumpy. Cross with self.

But then I started thinking , so what’s happening to you my love, why so upset when you are being congratulated.

I realised how I have identified success with a certain picture ,going out , eating out daughter friends together and now since I can’t have it I am feeling low.

Funny it should be so.

But thinking again I realise it’s my thoughts my set ideas of celebration that is hurting me. So if I change the idea of celebration to something doable will I be happy again.

Looks like that.

A friend who is a writer is grumpy and cross after her first book,could it be she’s suffering from post delivery depression?!!!

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