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Love’s manna

I know I know

love’s manna

is trickling to the soul

I feel I feel

the hand that holds

steadying a wavering frame

I hear I hear

a song that starts

far in the depths of a soul

I believe I believe

life’s purpose will lead me to the truth

the joy of finding is not far, not now

not anymore

I trust I trust

her heavenly wisdom

the charted course my life has led

I hope I hope

the blue skies hold many more secrets of the heart

the passing clouds sings songs of endearment

the breeze that blows brings tender dreams

a bird that flew cooed a song just for my ears

So rejoice, rejoice

in the smiles that come

butterflies that dance

the winds that bellow

and a cat that meows

is yet the love of the universe.

So sit back and wait

and look out for the eyes that meet.

In the cosmic scheme of things

I too have my place.

Amma’s giving away and minimalism

It is a big joke back home that if you leave anything around for longer than an hour, my mom would either have cleaned and spruced it up or just given it off or sometimes discarded it.

Often have me and my daughter left a few pieces of clothing at her home, thinking it would be useful in the next summer visit or something and find to our shock that it is not there. Ask my mother and she would shrug her shoulders and say, ‘that lady you know has a kid of your age, so I gave it to her’. Good, I manage to muster while my daughter fumes in silence.

But her ability to get rid of unwanted items from home, makes our living space lighter and breezier as if the air can enter into small nooks and spaces and breathe.

Sometime in 2020 when I moved into my fifth room in a period of 10 years, I had managed to achieve some of that. What helped was my ex-husband’s thoughtfulness in visiting and carrying off all his hoarded stuff including his car. When we moved into our new home, we were surprised to feel it so much more lighter, happier and breezier that we decided to play some music and dance round to fill up the spaces.

So, except for my wardrobe which is somewhat bulging and the book shelf, there is really nothing much around in the house. it looks bare and is bare except for a few pieces of furniture, which I have a good mind to get rid off soon.

Saturdays are generally said to be a good day to move out unessential items, but freeing the mind space of unwanted thought loops was another simple, yet extremely useful technique I picked up from Being Supernatural, by Dr. Joe Dispenza that has lightened my living and my being.

We often hear of the need to ‘watch our thoughts’, yes, but how, was a question that I asked and found an answer to recently. So, here it is:

*Write down your thoughts over a day’s time

*Read them out to yourself

*Find out how far in the past these thoughts are rooted in

*Ask what have they done to you

*Ask are they of any value

*Ask is there something you want to do with any of those

*If the answer is no, call them out

*Next time the thought enters your mind, ‘oh poor me, ‘it’s always me’, ‘why’?

*Be rational and ask the thought to be changed.

*Primarily ask yourself, is this relevant now?, is that really the truth or are you just being dramatic?, I mean, you are still alive and breathing….

*Will you be lighter if you instead listen to a song?, yes of course, then go on and do just that. The thought has already disappeared and you are happier, lighter and breezier….