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hurts don’t heal

Some days are long agonizing

dipped in pain

twisting the innards

into grotesque patterns

deep wails of sorrow

despite knowledge

and time that soothes

somedays are meant to be spent in tears

sad reflections of the loss of a happy person

and his care and love that left one dazed

then the vacuum all the more painful

but that is life. So be it.

a brother who flew

Sometimes sometimes

I think of how you flew

to a new abode

leaving behind the chains

of immobility

threatening your sanity

against the clutter of

noisy sympathies

hands held out half shy

murmurs of affected understanding

wrinkled forehead and many sighs.

Tied to the wheels

you never owned

you chose a flight

to a new home fair

I remember your seething anger

let out in loud screams

ringing out in the streets

a chained spirit

held tight against will

brother I never forget

nor shall I ever be able to

the look of deep anger

you chose not to vocalize

the eyes down in deep despair

you expressed in a cryptic smile

sometimes many a time

brother you seep into my soul

make your home in my smiles, sleeps

and dreams and thoughts, you do

I don’t think of you as gone

though some partings are painful

how we have been together

despite distance is a tale in itself.

Forever brother, forever more

– Chechi

Angel’s PAssing

I think of how it was to come back from work and lie down,when I saw in front of me a figure of a little girl rising up next to my bed. I sit up and as if in a trance, I pick up the address book and frantically search and find my best friend’s number and call.

After much ringing, a sage voice replied, ‘She is in mourning. She lost her child’.

I am shocked and sit back. A few days later I gather courage to call again and she tells me her ordeal of having to take a sick child quivering in fever to the nearest hospital. The doctor asked her to wait and she did hold her girl in her hand. By the time her turn came, there was nothing to do. The young mother shared and I listened, knowing no way to console. Our friendship of many many years had no balm just deep listening.

The vision stays with me and I cannot explain how and why this happened because I have not seen the child. It was good 10 years after me and my friend met briefly that this happened.

Loss of dear ones impact us deeply. The passing of Balraj.k left a deep vacuum in our lives. The blank space of someone who had time for everyone and was perpetually interested in our lives, my life and had time to listen everytime.

Eversince one looks to be heard, heard and finds no ears willing but then such are lessons of living.

So I listen now when I get a call, and keep aside everything and focus on that conversation from parents, child, friends because there is something beautiful about listening and being heard.

All the communication devices however faster and smarter can still not compensate for great listening, say, mindful listening.

As I learn to listen better, I remember my young teacher, my brother and his beautiful ways of showing care everytime.

So stop to sit down and listen to a dear one, anyone and you would not know what wealth you have just bestowed!