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Tarry said she

the mother of all, Vasundhara,

‘Sons and daughters

hear my call

you walked on my body

fed on my soul

reaped milk of my breasts

dug deep into my being

yet children of the universe

have I been kind to you

I nourished you with my blood

my body unctions made you stronger

my fragrances gave wings to your imagination

my breath breathed more vigor into you

my waters bathed you, played with you and soothed your cries

children of the universe

I continued to pour my heart to fill into your cups

which you sometimes discarded without care

I stopped never to love you and care for you

even as you tore me down to my bare bones

drilled deep into my bare soul

children of the universe

your brothers and sisters

on 2 feet, 4 feet and no feet

some on wings and some on fins

some sailing in my waters

some dancing in the skies

some rooted to protect you no matter what

I taught them to love you

told them to nourish you

even replenish you

yet children of the universe

my last born, your turn it was to be kind

your turn it was to stop and help and lend a hand

your turn it was to sing a song and hold me strong

but have you failed and how

children of the universe

your same-womb-borns

cry for your love

they seek your thought

they demand space in your heart

they shall not be plundered thus

the waters protest

the skies cry out

at your atrocity

children of the universe

my most beloved, tarry,tarry, tarry!


And She Gave

For they came in droves men and women

of all kinds and ages from far and near

to the one who gives herself easily in service

to partake in the richness of her good

and then to walk away.

Later though they  were compelled to return to her

fed up of their own anger,greed and indifference.

Each time she snuggled them to her bosom gently

not a word of rebuke, no remorse came forth

just the soothing lull of a loving heart was felt.

Infinite times the hands stretched seeking,groping,searching

as many times she held them kissing, comforting, caressing

She, who was solicited but never loved as one’s own

was for all and not for one.