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Loving Self

You look perplexed

at this sudden silence

at this total blank out.

I understand.

Perhaps you never noticed

the silence that blotted our living

the smile that strained the lips

we growing apart,staying together

of dried up channels of emotions

then exchanges,finally glances

of how we formed our own niche

of small un intrusive worlds -mine -yours

I got used to the silence

the peace and tranquility of non-pretense.

So should you.

Having long left those spaces

of waiting,of wanting,of dreaming

I found a slice of serendipity

of the self and its company

and I am loving it.




You & I

So, we sit

you and I

our eyes fixed

on a faraway thought

not a single word is uttered

there is no need

no glance exchanged

we know each other too well

no need to reach out

having been together in separation

a sigh here, a sigh there

silence speaks.

Then at the first peep of the world

we depart

until time sets another trap, another place.