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Delighting teachers

Been teaching for donkeys years now but it is special every time when students come back to you.

Today for instance, a group of students came to meet me, those who I don’t teach this year. It felt so good that they thought of dropping by and asking my whereabouts.

In a few minutes of interaction, I could see how they have grown,changed for the better.

It is a small world, sometimes harsh, but moments like these make the life worthwhile and delights the teacher in me.

I am suddenly reminded of my teachers, Mam Geetha Atmaram, Dr. Vijayan Nair,Dr. Vinay Nair, Dr. Catherine Thankamma from Government Victoria College, Palakkad. Baby Mathew Teacher , Mary Kutty Teacher and Dakhshayani TeacherĀ  and Annie Teacher from LSN Convent Ottapalam. Thyagarajan Sir, Johnson Kingsley Sir from SDA , Kaniampuram then Nagajyothi Miss from Vijnana Vihara School, Vijayawada, Uma Miss from NSM Public School, Vijayawada, Radha Teacher from Ambalur School, can’t recollect the name!

Some one said that we internalize our role models unconsciously and model ourselves after them, in our professional and personal lives.

It could be that I modeled myself after my teachers and parents, for good or bad, for better or worse!

So many teachers, yet so few could I recollect reinforcing my belief in making classrooms fun places for students.

Happy classrooms make happy students and happier teachers and as a bonus you get some great results too!

Who be you?

Who be you

from across the skies

gently nudging

a wayward ship

losing its moorings

on a stormy night

Who be you

with hands unseen

holding a lamp

for those

blinded with brightness

unable to find their feet

who be you

singing a song

caressing a tired soul

to nod off into deep slumber

dreaming of starry nights

who be you

warning in our hearts

no, not this guy

no, not this place

no, not this time

helping us to wait a little more

who be you

kind spirit of the universe

your presence is our gain

knowing you is our strength

coz you stay within

dear wisdom

to see the world in a rain drop

to hold a life in a seed

stay deep

stay true

just stay.

to keep us grounded

to keep us rooted

just stay.


Of gratitude

Nothing is as pure as tears of gratitude

overwhelming the soul

in feelings so noble and pure

that makes living a pleasure

sometimes as if sensing a downtime

the universe sends her messengers

who kindly let you know of your

small insignificant self

and its value to those seemingly unfamiliar.

When kindness pours in

you bow and take in the bounty

for in friends lie blessings

in deeds lie goodness.

The journey has been tough

the paths have been rugged

the skies have been clouded

but rays of sunshine have always sneaked in

often and on as a helping hand

a friendly smile

a pat on the back

a hug and a cheer

So you soldier on

your smile intact

Some do wonder

where does the smile come from?

It comes from within

from a gush of gratitude!

PS: It’s a small world with a big heart!