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Start again

Think twice

Overlook differences

Practice happiness

Solitary Learner

Sitting at home now rather empty of the chirpiness of a young person, I look out at the lake almost drying up, the chorus of birds who never seem to stop their eloquent songs and sounds, perhaps trying to reach those who are waiting with an axe to cut down the last tree, I think of how I am sort of getting used to separation and solitude.

When my eyes wander and meet that of Andrew’s, he purrs in return and comes running to settle down next to the lap top. Andrew and his inquisitive tail have their nose everywhere, literally everywhere.

He goes to my daughter’s room and purrs and comes back to me.

But I am kind of getting used to myself and even liking it.

When you reason it out, separation, like, everything else becomes easier to accept.

So when you know that your child is making her future and you can’t be grumpy because you are selfish, you tend to smile at yourself.

When you know that the man you had in your life, taught you a few tricks of living, you are not complaining or victim playing but gracefully and even happily accepting the happy reality that you can get on with life.

When you know that the professional, ‘so- called’ injustices, opened your eyes to long side-lined tasks of greater value, you feel thankful.

Coz some parts of your soul awaken with love

some with pain

some with the slow release of controlled agony

some more with hope, hiding in the corners of your heart

waiting for a let out

‘let me be’

‘let me be’

‘I too shall find love in living’

Coz there are places aplenty

people a dime a dozen

experiences ecstatic

in waiting….

The universe kindly smiles and lets you to learn and relearn, till you learn and learn it well.

Settled! Eh!

Anu hates it when people ask this question.

The last decade unsettled her every which way.

Running from pillar to post, counting on ways to meet the ends.

So, she ran from job to job and home to home and relishing the fact that ‘ I am so compatible, see!’, marveling at her own adaptability in between her low, ‘tear shed’ and ‘heart break’ times. One thing she noticed is that the heart that trembled and the thoughts that muddled, cleared after she sent a few SOS here and there randomly. Some times there was help or a cheerful ‘hi’, sometimes there were none, but the expression of anxiety helps and a path does show itself.

Whenever, she sat down to take a breath, life whispered, ‘Here’s the new challenge! Go get that’, with almost an evil laughter.

So, when storms gathered threatening to submerge her , she put on her armor, wrote a few things, shed a few tears and rasped ‘here I come!’.

‘Oh! so it started like this, and now you are here., look at you!

;Oh! so you earned this much, and spent all, tsh, tsh.

‘But this girl, she is yours, wow, congratulations.

So, you are still smiling, how is that really?!!!’

Packing bags at landing at her home with a cry for help was never an option, so there she stood, as storms gather, clouds darken, she knows for sure a hand or two will reach out, most importantly the armor is intact and can stand a few more battles, so why not?

If spice is what life offers, take it and make a sambhar, aur kya???

Besides in the game of life, who ever settled, really!!!!

The Pillar of Hope

Trusting the pillar of hope

she climbed the ladder of life

a missing step sent a shiver

she leaned closer

hope whispered

‘love leave me not

ever never in your life

I alone can see you through

in times of strife’

She smiled to heave a mixed sigh

‘always I have come to you beloved

in moments of agony and pain

your words have some times soothed

sometimes been a mirage

yet I have trusted you alone

knowing well how

a mother bird tends to her chicks

a tigress to her cubs

hoping against hope

that man’s straying eyes do not find them’.

Memory and I

‘Stay’, I said to a memory

‘stay till you grow old

and ripen

to morph

into an experience’.

I added

‘then you would have done yourself right

been to me just

and made this world better’

‘But I gotta go’

said the memory floating away

‘those hearts are more inviting

some others are lacking

so many are forever wallowing

I need to fill their minds

feed them delights

make them believe

that’s my job, you see.’

‘You’ she said turning away


‘cling to what is not

fake what never was

hoping to turn it into reality

and accuse me of indifference!

Sorry,I am with those who turn sunwards.’

Then there was nothing!






Drop everything and listen

Lend me an ear

give me a chance

hear me out…

Just listen to someone, any one, because it is a miracle in the happening.

By allowing someone just to speak out to you, you are doing a great service to humanity.

You are saving lives, hopes and dreams.

You are giving courage, strength and confidence.

You, by the virtue of being there, with your ears open, are a blessing.

Do not underestimate your value, the value of your listening to someone.

Alternatively, you can use the power of listening to your own advantage.

Speak out to the next person, even if it’s a stranger, about your life, your dreams and your hopes.

You are giving yourself a second chance by doing so.

You are keeping your aspirations alive.

“Hey, listen, this is what I have to say. Hear me out please…”

There is no ego to be lost in saying that. There is instead a lot to gain, maybe a friend or at least a lighter heart.

Well! you can also speak to yourself, if you can’t find any one.

That is good enough too.

Just talk yourself out of anything that weighs you down.

Or look around and read the signs.

The universe is constantly talking to you.  All you need to do is to tune in.

It is amazing how little we listen and how much better our lives would be if we only listened to our own hearts and to what others have to say or are sometimes trying to say.

By listening, I don’t mean the usual “listen to me,now”, the-kind-of-urgency-creation to follow an instruction, but just listening with empathy.

I was at work when I got a message from a friend that I love dearly, “hey, blah…blah..blah and I am feeling terrible..blah..blah..blah”.I don’t remember much about what I said or how it helped but surely I was thrilled to bits. Did I feel privileged that he chose to talk to me? Perhaps.

As a teacher I get to listen to my students as they share their fears and worries.”I am not high class enough, you see. That is why it happens to me all the time”, said a girl otherwise bright and cheerful.

After they read about the gruesome rape and murder of a young girl, my girls came to me ,”What do we do, mam? How do we now go out and follow our dreams? Our parents are so worried,” they said.

A dear friend diagnosed with breast cancer recovered quickly and credited her speedy recovery to the support of friends.

“It helped me a lot”, she said, “that all of you kept talking me out of my fears and that you were always willing to  listen to my anxieties.” Her courage impressed her physicians, her friends and her family.

The other day I called her,” Listen to me,will you?.” ” Of course, I will”, she said.

“What else do you want me to do?,”she asked eager to help.”Just that, I want only that”, said I realizing the value of having someone listen to me.

It seemed like a pact. And it surely is working.

I have a small group of friends and family that willingly listen to me, at my worst or my best.

While my father, my brother and a few select friends listen to me, I spend a lot of time listening to my mother,my daughter , my students and my friends.

At work or at home or wherever you are, keep your ears open, there might just be some one around who wants to talk to you, just you and it is a privilege to be talked to. So don’t let go of the opportunity to lend a helping hand to someone and help yourself in the process…

All ears, aren’t you?





When at last he came

When at last he came

I was tired of waiting

having gotten used

to my loneliness

I said, stay back

leave me alone

but he so insistent

bent down on his knees

holding my hand gently

sought my company

on a whim I winked

and smilingly joined

him on  his chariot to oblivion

speeding ahead of all that lived

racing past the sun

high above the clouds we went

to enter a lifelessness

of love and longing

where at the cafes

hanging out like buddies

were translucent creatures

evanescent, effervescent

holding me close he said

“now no life can separate us”

and we rocked the dance floor

against thunder and lightning

and some ethereal music

that I cannot gather now

sometimes death is such a tease

& to think of him is such a joy!



Talking Soul

*After the darkest days

beyond the harshest experiences

the soul still smiles

that’s the secret of life*

*Even in the silence of my tongue

my heart is eloquent

the one who listens

knows me well*

*Coz death comes home

a compulsive visitor

in your joys or sorrows

the wise open the door

smile gracing the soul*

*Unbeknowest to me

I held forth a promise

a seedling that grew wild yet strong

in the harshness of time and chance

when recovering from amnesia

the moment I acknowledged

the promise that I am

I know I exist*

*When at last  you came

I had put up my hopes

dusty dreams were thrown out of my cupboard

in the nook and crannies of my heart

debts and ditch sat side by side

but then you came

opening a chink in my armor

spreading like fragrance in my head

and it seemed like a good life again*







As you step into college

As you step into the college,my love

I realise you are a lady in your own right

except for the bits of girlie-child-like part in you

hanging around like the fringes on your forehead.

(I am reminded of how I went to college

dreaming over a certain someone)

I hope you do better in man- grabbing as well as life- earning

those vital ingredients for happiness.

Even if you clue into someone,don’t lose your moorings altogether

for there are many other bye lanes to happiness & contentment.

Most importantly make the best of what is yours

own yourself and feel proud of who you are.

Believe firmly in the infinite possibilities of yourself

for always you have been a proud little one

sure-footed,kind and considerate

be the same.

You will meet men & women of all kinds

the smiling villains and the unsmiling ones

the gentle,the kind and the lovelorn ones

watch,make friends,enjoy the ride.

At times,lend a hand,stop to smile,pat a back,be a friend.

The dreams you hold are truly yours,trust them.

Let no man ever belittle you,your dreams, your aspirations

if they do, don’t hesitate to walk away.

I am around as long as I can, if I am not,believe me ,I am still around.

So long, go ahead,reach out, rule the world.