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the distance 

from us 

to ‘you’ and ‘me’

has been the most toughest of all 

so far 


as I stand up to stretch my hand 

I wonder of the gaps that will never fill 

for the wisdom to know less 

for the wisdom not to stand up for self 

what was yoked by brute force 


and what breaks causes pain 

hanging loosely out of its anchor 

suspended in ‘trishanku swarga’

neither here nor there 

friend, you caused me much pain 

yet there is forgivance 

yet there is moving on

coz you should like I do 

prosper, prosper in spite of pain

for as anger melts away 

sorrow at an opportunity lost 

and a lifetime wasted

is all that lasts!

And the journey continues 

across chasms

‘you’ and ‘me’ to our separate destinations

you, do not know yours do you?

nor do I 

does it matter?

travel as long as it lasts…

PS: Post loss, post love, life continues

Boarding Now!

At the boarding station

she was alone

the breeze,the leaf and the bird

kept her company.

Then there was

this drumming in her heart

a humming in her ears.

Lisping a tune to herself

she stood waiting.

Will this be one journey,she wondered

or one of many to come?

Will there one destination, she thought

or  many that were unknown?

Will she meet her companion, she wanted to know

or will he be the one or one of many to come?

Knowing life’s uneasy ways she

was sure of not asking for much.

It was enough to be,just be

the journey would happen in spite of herself.