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Kitty @ the boarding

We wondered for days about our travel. How would we do that? What about our kitten? It was not possible to take her along with us. As the day for our travel neared my daughter was very apprehensive, ‘Will she forget us mom?’, she asked again and again.

I had smartly delegated the task of finding a suitable pet boarding to my daughter. She did her research, called up, asked around and found a suitable place.

Messi watched us quietly as we packed our bags. Every now and then she came running to check what was happening.

‘Is she feeling suspicious?’, we both felt a sharp pang of betrayal. ‘It feels like cheating her!’

Finally, we reach the pet boarding house, there are many cats at the place, the young man who runs the center looked as if he knew his job. ‘I take my cats for pet shows’, he showed us his many medals, we felt reassured, watching his banter with the cats,some of which were his own. ‘Some times people just drop their cats and go’, the owner mused, as we filled the forms and completed the formalities. A very small sickly kitten tried to nuzzle on to my feet, ‘that is a rescue’, he said.

While returning from the pet boarding we were quiet, ‘will Messi be fine, will she remember us, when we come back?’

When we entered the silent house we both realized our shock at not finding her around.

But this had to be, if only for a few days.

Ciao, Messi, much love!


To Kitty Love

As you grow kitty I worry for you

what pressures and pleasures await you

what pitfalls in the form of fantasies

what tom cats, what pretensions

what false promises of love taunt you

kitty my love

I am a progressive parent

yet in my post modern angst

my heart trembles at your union with a local rowdie tomcat

of no significant pedigree

no trace of parenting

no culture and no promise of support

I can not jump the wall as you do

to rush to you and counsel you when you are in heat

( not that you will listen!)

I can not rush to rescue you from hooligans with long tails

glistening eyes and many purrs

I can only watch as you suffer kitty love

the pangs of loneliness after momentary heights of passion

my love,therefore, in your maturity of all but 6 months

I advice you to exercise caution and never forsake judgement

I have myself not been a success in love nor much in living

yet life has kindly taught me many lessons

the first and foremost being trust not  every tail, wagging or otherwise

not every one who purrs is a friend

the paws that love may also pounce, so be prepared!

I might be old yet old wisdom is as pure as gold

hence trust my words, choose your love wisely

its just your scent and your firm body that attracts them

look for the one who values your soul

that shines through even in the night

look for the one who will share his fish

the bowl of kitty food and more

who will be around to ensure your kids

grow up healthy, wealthy and wise

security comes before love

prudence before passion

by your tail, I promise

not a word I said is fabricated

these are written in time old books

sacred words of wisdom from your ancestors

I am a mere interpreter, believe me for your own good.



Kitty Times

Kitty goes to the doctor.

My daughter donning her caring sisterly avatar took the kitty for her vaccination but came back with her heart a little pinched, ‘mom’, she said,’ I can’t bear to see her like this’. The kitty who is ideally named Messi for her excellent ball handling, passing, goal posting skills has been at her quietest best. Suddenly, it is like the house has gone silent without her insistent meows and her requests to play and let her out.

Our mornings are ever more hectic these days and getting out of the house is a task in itself. For one thing, Messi senses exactly when we are about to leave but she is still a child and can be easily distracted. So we usually get a toy for her and then quietly slip out of the house.

Its painful to be alone at home so when we are back, she demands her due  by getting us to play with her, a meow here, a meow there for food, for some scratching or for some pampering. The other day when I sat down with my daughter next to me, Messi jumped right on to my lap as if asking for the same attention.

Ameena one of my former colleagues and an ardent admirer of cats once said, you have not loved fully till you have loved a pet… how true!