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Only just so much

I shall teach you this

only just so much

that you know the way

my way, our way

I shall hold you thus

only just so much

that you know my side

the only side you will ever know

I shall open you up

only just so much

that you know what’s right

my right

Go on be independent

only just so much

just enough for you know

you are dependent on me

Go on be assertive

only just so much

to know to assert

my right over you

You my love be proud

only just so much

to know the pride

of being mine

and she broke away…


PS: On watching Monalisa Smile

Thinking Teenager

‘Who am I ?

what is my calling?’

said the girl all of nineteen

‘the existential angst plagues each human’

the girl observed gravely.

The mother kept quiet wondering

did I provoke too much?

did I prod and probe where it hurts?

the desire to encourage can sometimes be detrimental

the urge to awaken can sometimes irritate.

The junk food lover nodding to western beats

was wiser beyond her thoughts

so the mother sat quiet in awe of the thinking teenager.