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Silence of the soul

It is the silence of the souls that speak

volumes of life, love and living

those in-between spaces amidst the rush of words

the endless explanations of what was not there

and will never be

that which seeks to be heard and understood and held gently

when the hills call and the mountains nod

against the cold howling of winds by the lake

rushing past thundering doors leaving sometimes pain

sometimes hope and a will to survive

a blue sky looks down in benevolence sharing

some soul smiles and some more soul love

an azure hope sprouts thriving on dreams, fantasies

and fantastic fallacies of love, joy and pleasure of living

oscillating between hope of heart and fear of truth

yet the heart, ah the heart looks for a solid ground to hold

to anchor to thrive

weary of soul search and lost dreams.

This be life. This be living.

Meenu,the meemi -V, turtle Dodamma

Meenu, the meemi dived deep into the waters to reach out to Turtle dodamma, who has seen many generations of humans themselves. A mystic who carried her own home on her back, Turtle dodamma had no interest in others’ affairs. But Meenu had seen her mom consult her for advices and suggestions in difficult situations. And it was time for some sage counsel now.

Turtle dodamma was a recluse who talked less and worked even lesser. It was not clear what she did the whole of five hundred years of living on the planet. Perhaps she lived long because she did nothing. Anyways, Meenu, the meemi was advised to pluck a few plants from the lake bed and collect a few tadpoles for her mom. This should cure her of the fatigue and tiredness. Meenu, the meemi did just that and soon returned to Turtle dodamma for some serious talk.

Turtle dodamma loved the vivacious Meenu, the meemi and her shiny scales. Turtle dodamma closed her eyes and talked slowly about the life beyond the lake. She described Meenu’s kith and kin who lived in rivers and danced in joy, they were called dolphins. She also talked about the fierce sharks and the gentle whales who ruled the deep waters of the oceans. ‘But not anymore.’ Meenu, the meemi was startled at the sadness in Turtle dodamma’s voice. She asked quickly ,’but why Turtle dodamma?’ ‘Because they are not free of dirt or disease either. The humans are everywhere and they leave a dirty trail behind. They, the humans have changed everything and left devastation all around’. Turtle dodamma nodded her small head sadly.

‘But’, asked Meenu, the meemi, ‘is there nothing I can do?’ Turtle dodamma laughed gently. ‘If you can be heard by them, perhaps then’.

‘Don’t they speak our language? Maybe I can learn theirs. Amma tells me anything is possible if there is a will. And I am born to do great things, Turtle dodamma’. Turtle dodamma didn’t say anything. It looked as if she had gone into a trance. After paddling around her for a few minutes, Meenu, the meemi returned to her mother.

Somethings have to change now. How long can the hegemony of humans go on? When the adversary is treacherous and vile, one has to look to connect to him.

Meenu, the meemi watched her mom becoming more sprightly and cheerful as the medicine started to work. She thanked Turtle dodamma in her heart. Tomorrow I have to meet her again. In great wars, one needs great mentors and there can’t be anyone wiser than Turtle dodamma, after all she has seen many generations of humans themselves.

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Turtle dodamma

Meenu, the Meemi -III Nandu,the curious

Nandu’s sparkling eyes greeted all those who took the stairs up or down. He smiled brightly and wished anyone who took the trouble to meet his eyes good morning in his sing song tone. It was impossible to ignore him.

At one of the flats, Antony uncle who came to put his dust bins out for mom to collect always asked after Nandu.

‘So, how’s the little master today?’ Sometimes Antony uncle held out a toffee, sometimes a pen. Once he invited Nandu to his home. Radha had strictly told his son not to enter anyone’s home, even if they invite him. ‘We should know our place. Tomorrow if something goes missing, they will blame you. Better safe than sorry.’

Nandu was tempted to go in and check but he refused politely. After this Antony uncle only gave him books, colors and other such stationery, he never asked Nandu to visit his flat. Radha told her son, ‘he is a nice man but we have to always be polite and careful. I know you will understand me, Nandu’. Nandu nodded happily. Anything for his mom.

It was the silver haired Anita aunty who Nandu liked a lot. Once Anita aunty had given them lift to their home. She even visited them on Diwali with a packet of sweets and some money and a cricket bat for him.

‘Why, madam, there is no need’, said Radha, wary of accepting free offers. ‘It’s ok, Radha, just take this’. Anitha aunty drove off.

Radha somehow became friends with Anitha didi, who seemed to keep herself busy with one thing or the other. She too smiled a lot like Radha, maybe that’s why the friendship struck.

One day Anita was going on a walk when she met Radha and Nandu.

‘Hello, Radha, ‘Channagidhira’, she said.

‘Audhu madam. Where are you going so early?’

‘I am going for a walk to the lake here. Do you want to come with me, Nandu?’

Nandu looked at his mother for permission. Radha said ok with some reluctance. Getting too close to strangers was not her thing. But Anita di was different.

Nandu turned to Radha,’Amma, thank you’.

Anyways, where did the boy go ever, she thought. At least Anita di was kind and caring and the lake is nearby, she consoled herself.

This was to become a routine. Daily at around 7.45 am when Anita di started off to walk, she was joined by Nandu,the curious, who huffed and and puffed to keep pace with her.

Anita was always particular of her fitness besides her morning walks were her ‘absolute me time’. She always felt charged up for the day after it. When she discovered a lake near her apartment, she thought of getting herself a bicycle but there’s nothing like a walk. In the company of little Nandu, the curious she felt all the more enthusiastic and never skipped her morning walk a day.