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Simbly sitting

Simbly sitting

in the first bench

looking at the teacher

not following anything

just staring at everyone

not writing notes even

dozing off in history lessons

confused in maths

yem or yen

what do you know?

average in English

spelling mistakes everytime

what a waste

father’s money

mother’s hopes

you will never make it

I will give it in writing

you dreamer

you immature girl

looking like a fool

forever stupid

ok, keep looking out

I am talking to you only

boyfriends must be there

they will never marry you

I tell you

just for fun they will look at you

stay away or ruin your life

waste fellows

anyways whom to tell

no one can escape karma

children these days!

Ps: Convents, simbly saying! Miss Pushpa TS!

Thank You

You perhaps didn’t hear me right

when last time we met

your words said not

what your body spoke

waiting for those sounds

to tumble down your lips

I heaved a sigh

let down a lock

shed a few tears

in silence then I prayed

reached out to you

love, as usual though

you were lost in your jargon

I guess you didn’t notice

when I left, how and what I left behind

actually it was nothing

let me be honest, I had carried away my pride

a bit of sunshine and loads of surplus laughter

treasures forgotten

until you turned away

no, until I walked away!

when the song is over

it doesn’t matter who walks away the first, or does it?

but thank you, from the bottom of my soul

you have been a teacher nonpareil

your lessons have been lasting

your methods though devastating

keep this bouquet, it sings, stings?!

PS: Thank those who are harsh for they are kind.


Some people,some talks

To do Phd or not to do, to have the courage to spend so many years into studies again, at this age, now! Gosh!

I have been confused forever like. The finances, the circumstances, the situations, the doubts, then the unwillingness to sacrifice comforts of lazing around, all stopped me again and again.

But when I see some one studying something, I am always tempted to get back to classrooms, have a mentor, be guided, spend time with books, read, read and read and write, write and write!

Hmm! but yes, the expense, the effort, that was a dampener.

Today though I had a very enlightening discussion with a gentleman who explained why research is not something un-do-able and why doing research for a cause you believe in is actually a way to contribute to the larger good!

Really! I wondered listening to him, feeling very motivated and thinking of registering for higher studies(call it older studies!)

Perhaps, then, that’s what it is. Life’s purposes are ever elusive and like a wayward lover, she changes her moods and turns, now rude, now pleasing, now all saccharine,and then petulant like a child!

Figuring her out has been the single most uneventful research I have ever done and I am lost, lost in the labyrinths of ‘what if’s’, ‘what nots’, ‘why mes’ but some things are becoming clearer, or at least I like to think so!

Maybe then it is the call of the time to get back to work, perhaps to study because I want to and not because I had to!

How will it turn out to be? Will I even pass the test?  hmm!

Dear friend and benefactor,thank you!

Your simple logic and sincerity was inspiring. Continue learning and contributing to the world while I commit myself to more learning!

How?, not very sure! Why, not very clear!

Yet a new quest is on!

The universe beckons!

Maybe I am reading her signs well!

Maybe I am walking into a trap!

Be sweet, dear trap, be kind, I trust you!(read universe!)


Would you be the same?

Would you be the same

if you were not tested and tried?

Would you be the same

to those who trampled

you beneath their feet?

Would you be the same

to those whose indignities

caused you pain?

Would you be the same

to those who turned their back

to you in your distress?

Would you be the same

if you had hoarded hate

forgotten to forget and move on?

Would you be the same

if you had not stood at locked entrances

waiting for chances that never came?

Would you be the same

if you had not learnt to gather yourself

and move on to heed your heart’s calling?

Would you be the same

if breaking upon the slightest blows

you had not mended yourself?

Would you be the same

if life  had taken a kinder path

and showered you with kisses?

Would you be the same

if love, appreciation and fame

had greeted you at every turn?

Would you be the same

life turned to ask

if I had not led you through paths unknown?

An Adage A Day-Many drops make an ocean

Many drops make an ocean is a thought that stresses on the importance of small purposeful steps in order to reach a greater goal. As I sit down to write, it starts raining and slowly the tiny drops of rain forms small streams and small little puddles across the earth as the  thirsty land quenches its long sustained thirst. As people are facing drought in many parts of the country, one wonders of how efforts to conserve rain water could positively impact their lives.

I want to share an experience of a little boy in one of  the classes that I taught. Lets call him M. So M is this cute little fellow who is not going to grow any taller. While his classmates stand high and tall, he walks in and out of the class room almost unseen. When I enter the class, its his regular habit to hide beneath the desk. I ask,is he absent and he triumphantly pops up from beneath the desk to take his place. He is in 10th. He is a sharp fellow, who excels at academics. His friends though find him cute and sometimes use him for entertainment. Somebody knuckles on his head, another would pull his shirt and he would be teased and tossed across the class. Brave as he was he would smilingly endure the bullying, he needed his friends. He also knew they did not mean him any harm.

As days went by,I often got many occasion to test his speaking and reading skills. Increasingly, I felt impressed by his ability to enact roles effectively, read a poem or prose well, conduct a show etc. I could see that he too was steadily gaining confidence.Now his friends were milder in teasing him and often asked him for suggestions when it came to language. He was enjoying his new found status.

In the meanwhile, I quit my job as a teacher and moved on to do Content Management. When I visited the school a few months later, my students surrounded me. Somebody wanted a hug, someone wanted me to listen to his achievements, another told me of her results in the exams but together they chorused, Mam you know what, M gave such a good speech in the assembly.You should have been there to listen to him. That is what  I cherished the most. When I looked around, M looked at me with pride in his eyes.

I have often experienced how small achievements can add levels of confidence to an individual, especially youngsters. Language teaching is an effective tool in enhancing self confidence and self esteem of students. There is so much that can be done in a language class room, activities and events that can be planned to  leave an indelible mark on the students mind.

One of the boys had come running to tell me that winning the first prize in street play competition at another school was the first ever achievement in his life. Surely, it cannot be so. But the boy attached so much importance to the event and eventually went on to hold a leadership position in the school. That’s one reason why I believe schools should stress less on number of stories or plays or poems taught but should instead focus on making every day in the class room a memorable experience.

When I asked my 12th standard students to interpret the word “Voice” in different ways, I was more than impressed by the numerous thoughts and ideas that they brought into play in the classroom. A group envisioned voice as the struggle between the good and evil in the conscience, another thought of loss of voice. The variety of interpretations and depth in presentation, the group synergy, the understanding of social issues and events would put to rest any doubt one might have of the indifference of today’s youth, a common grouse among us adults.

Many drops does make an ocean, indeed, small sustained efforts at building something whether it is a bank balance or a reputation or  developing a new skill or learning a new language can all be fruitful in the end. The challenge is to be at the task day after day, without losing one’s interest or compromising on one’s commitment.

Like Pamela and Anil Malhotra who bought 55 acres of barren land 23 years ago and nurtured it into a living,breathing forest teeming with wild life. Like Manjhi who carved a path through the hills  over a period of 22 years so that the villagers can get easy medical attention after the tragic death of his wife. Like Sachin Tendulkar, the cricket super god, who according to Harsha Bhogle played 55 games as a 14 year old without a break for 55 days.He practiced for 2 hours, played a game and practiced for another 2 hours and fell asleep on the dining table. And to do that for 55 days! That’s what made him the champion that he is. Or like Sania Mirza, whom India loved to hate and then loved all the more because there was no other go, her talent and her hard work  made her the leading doubles player with Martina Hingis and the nation had to adore her.Or like Leander Paes and so many others.

The path to success in laid out in small steps of determination and grit.