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Taka dhimi Taka JaM, Jam

‘Learning can happen anywhere,’ I reason.

‘What is the need to go?’

‘Here or there, how does it matter?

I gulp the uneasiness in my throat and laugh.

It is difficult to let the bird fly when all you want to do is to hold, hug, hold closer.

‘Little bird, little bird, don’t fly away, not yet, not now’.

But it is true that life has to go on and separation is inevitable.

The little bird has to go, build a nest and make a home.

A new home.

Where you being yesterday, can not make house in tomorrow, so said Rumi.


Such is life.

Such is living.

Yet hope, keep the hope of love, of belonging.

And says she…

‘Now you don’t need me no, hun!’

‘Adopt, it seems, adopt!’

‘You are mother of all children, that child, this child, her smile, his talk…oho’

‘Ha..ha.. boyfriends also, hun…. What life!’

‘Outings also’


‘Yappa, plans!!!’

‘I want to see where all this goes, how far’

Rolling eyes


‘Don’t say you are busy, when I call, woman! hun!’


Then taka dhimi taka jam

and a purrr!!!

Settled! Eh!

Anu hates it when people ask this question.

The last decade unsettled her every which way.

Running from pillar to post, counting on ways to meet the ends.

So, she ran from job to job and home to home and relishing the fact that ‘ I am so compatible, see!’, marveling at her own adaptability in between her low, ‘tear shed’ and ‘heart break’ times. One thing she noticed is that the heart that trembled and the thoughts that muddled, cleared after she sent a few SOS here and there randomly. Some times there was help or a cheerful ‘hi’, sometimes there were none, but the expression of anxiety helps and a path does show itself.

Whenever, she sat down to take a breath, life whispered, ‘Here’s the new challenge! Go get that’, with almost an evil laughter.

So, when storms gathered threatening to submerge her , she put on her armor, wrote a few things, shed a few tears and rasped ‘here I come!’.

‘Oh! so it started like this, and now you are here., look at you!

;Oh! so you earned this much, and spent all, tsh, tsh.

‘But this girl, she is yours, wow, congratulations.

So, you are still smiling, how is that really?!!!’

Packing bags at landing at her home with a cry for help was never an option, so there she stood, as storms gather, clouds darken, she knows for sure a hand or two will reach out, most importantly the armor is intact and can stand a few more battles, so why not?

If spice is what life offers, take it and make a sambhar, aur kya???

Besides in the game of life, who ever settled, really!!!!

To Katelyn Ohashi

For the sheer joy of living

the radiance in your eyes speak

for the beauty of movement

every sinew, every muscle

in your beautiful abode of life

dance in ecstasy

rippling happiness

that stays long in imprisoned smiles

and nods to the self

searching for words

in times of despair

let every man remember

that you thrive

one who is given to living

pain is no pain in the celebration of being

let every woman recollect

there is a celestial rhythm in her movements

dance and the world dances with you

Katelyn Ohashi, you creature of beauty

prosper, spread love and cheer!

may your golden locks

embrace this world with a huge radiant smile

may your dance to power, success and joy

all so beautifully interwoven

remind us, men and women

to search for happiness

envelop ourselves in an embrace of joyful existence!


ജീവിത യാത്ര

മെല്ലെ മെല്ലെ വേണം ഓരോ ജീവിതവും
എങ്കിലേ ജീവാഗ്നി മുഴുവനായും

അത് വരെ
സതോഷവും സമാധാനവും
ഒരു ചടങ്ങു മാത്രമാണ്
ഒരു ഞെട്ടലും
ഒരു നീർപ്പോടും

തപിക്കുന്ന ജീവൻ ആണത്രേ
സുഖിക്കുന്ന ആത്മാവ്
പുഞ്ചിരികൾ കോടി പോകുന്നത്

സഞ്ചരിക്കാൻ എത്ര വഴികൾ
എന്നിട്ടും എന്തിന്നു യാത്രികർ
സ്വയം ക്രുശിക്കപ്പെടാൻ തുനിയുന്നു
എന്തിനു കിട്ടാക്കനി തേടുന്നു

മുനയില്ലാ ചോദ്യമെന്നു കരുതരുത്
മുന കൊണ്ട് മുറിഞ്ഞ ഹൃദയമാണെന്നു അറിഞ്ഞാൽ മതി