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A walk would do!

‘A walk would do’, she said

‘just a walk

maybe a cup of coffee

sipping in the aroma of the evening

munching on yesterdays

some music from faraway

a book or two on the table

a pen to note down

thoughts floating by

a little of the evening sun

a quiet breeze lulling in the garden

a few leaves twittering

a bird here, a bird there

a friend to drop by

a simmering stove

some conversation

a quiet corner in a busy city

a small heaven’

life has been a rush

now I would rather rest’,

she stopped

and I sighed

‘long list,don’t you think’?

Just delusional!

Hovering in the corners of her dreams

a face fades but holds even as it fades

taunts, teases and tempts

while the heart searches reasons

the mind confronts with unnecessary passions

strangely its an array of events that never occurred

that disturb peaceful slumber with expectations galore

twisting and turning in an imagined agony of what is not

she spends her nights imprisoned in a love of what is never more.

‘Friend’, I start reasoning

‘I will unfriend’, threatens she unreasonably and I go mum.

PS: Spinning castles in the air

between letting go and holding on

it’s between letting go 

and holding on 

that a lifetime lies 

in breathing spaces 

the in- betweens

breaking free of cloistering 

chasing fresh air 

love sits delicately

‘grow’, she says 

‘each to his own

yet together

far away 

yet so close 

so dissimilar 

yet so familiar

prosper in open spaces 

foster wisdom and courage 

nurture self and the selflessness

argue, debate, shout in polite tones 

express, exhibit, emerge 


more beautiful somehow

as trees do in the forest

as petals in a flower 

as branches in a tree

separate yet together’.

‘so be it’, the universe said.

PS: the beauty of self hood


the distance 

from us 

to ‘you’ and ‘me’

has been the most toughest of all 

so far 


as I stand up to stretch my hand 

I wonder of the gaps that will never fill 

for the wisdom to know less 

for the wisdom not to stand up for self 

what was yoked by brute force 


and what breaks causes pain 

hanging loosely out of its anchor 

suspended in ‘trishanku swarga’

neither here nor there 

friend, you caused me much pain 

yet there is forgivance 

yet there is moving on

coz you should like I do 

prosper, prosper in spite of pain

for as anger melts away 

sorrow at an opportunity lost 

and a lifetime wasted

is all that lasts!

And the journey continues 

across chasms

‘you’ and ‘me’ to our separate destinations

you, do not know yours do you?

nor do I 

does it matter?

travel as long as it lasts…

PS: Post loss, post love, life continues

Hedge the hog!

Hurtling down the road to nowhere

at a rate that surprised her

a bump here a bump there

a turn here a tear there

then a fast fast run

a sudden twist

and a long long fall

into the blue blue waters below

heading into the azure land that spread beneath

she looked up to catch

a rainbow smiling from above

a smile that spread across the sky

and hit the earth hard that it bloomed instantly

into a sea of many hues

birds laughed

some trumpeting was heard

heavens had a belly hard laughter

at the antics of the hedgehog!

The Other Day Thought

The other day

I thought of death

I often think of him as a friend

waiting to embrace you for who you are

the most minimalist

sans pretension, sans words, sans the body even!

more kind and forgiving than life itself

“at birth a seed is planted into your soul

a seed that grows into who you are

as you grow and blossom

lengthening your tendrils and roots and branches

as you romance the breeze, the earth and the sky

you blossom continuously, unraveling what is within you

day by day,hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second

you grow into your own unique beauty of a parallel world

you brighten from within infinitely, each to your own, in your own course

none too wrong, none too right, just there, wherever you be, who ever and what ever you be

you bring out what is within and bring in what is without

as fruits ripen, so do you, with actions, passions and in actions run your course

like the flowers that fall, so do you then fall, to return to where you came from and it goes on!

So said she

‘Love’, said she

‘sit down by the sea

harken  the waves ashore

singing songs of bonds eternal

many universes have we traversed

you and I

many moons have we spent

on distant planets

before we meet

here at the sea shore

in these bodies we wear

so it must be

that you yearn for me

and I for you

the sun,the moon and the stars

have witnessed our sojourns

across the skies

in forms unknown

to our mortal eyes

what could otherwise explain how

what causes you pain

should spring from my heart

what causes me joy

should step forth of yours

listen to the silence of the stars

they speak through their blinking eyes

listen to the sweeping winds

gushing past all life

listen to the murmur of the sands

they hold stories of times untold

listen to the clouds

pregnant of truths unspoken

rest your weary head and heart

at this hearth, by the sea!’

Ps: Of how she spoke!

Be a happy story

Be a happy story

a story of intrigue

of intense feelings

of experiences galore

of new learning

of a lot of unlearning

of persistent curiosity

of continuous effort

of simplicity at heart

of relentless expressions

a story that deepens in effect

that does not break at the climax

but builds itself to a clinching finish,

a crescendo.

Its not the moolah you earned

nor the likes you got

or the accolades you bought

but just a handful of friends

a few loved ones

loving you too

that makes you a story of joy

for yourself as for others

so,be great in giving

go,be a happy story.


A Single Smile

I wonder where the smile comes from

when broken in pieces the heart heaves a sigh

when holding back tears is so much a routine

when meeting the ends is a struggle

when life’s infinite challenges

test the mettle

tire the soul

pry into peace

a single smile blooms

hoping for a better tomorrow

a better company

a better life experience

a wealth of abundance

a gift of richness of love and laughter

coz isn’t life a gift in itself?

many smiles grow from a single smile

so smile

just smile.

PS: Month-end madness


A little less drama

‘A little less drama would have been fine’

she told life

who looked at her disbelievingly

‘the actor that you are

you love fantasy

you thrive in thrillers

you long for romance

your heart soaks in pain

twists in agony

sheds copious tears

you create


of hate, of malice, of ill repute

because you love attention

you want me to hang on to you dearly

to cry out to you to help

you mean monster

gently slaying my soul

making me count every breath

pay with tears for pain unlimited

seek company where it never is

live for pleasure which is nothing but pain in disguise

sometimes your sadism gets to me really

whose side are you on for god’s sake?

ah! god!

that gentleman who is ‘gentle’ no more

I heard a song, god is a woman!

well, can’t say really

its all make-belief

except you ofcourse

I know you

because you are with me.

I would still have loved you

had you been kinder, simpler, more giving


we are together

you and I

until death plays the villian.

Stay close, let’s celebrate!’