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Breaking Strong

It’s not enough for you to break

it’s for you to break, break into countless pieces of insignificance

crushed, mangled pieces of you

lay about on the earth

screaming, scowling, howling

helpless,turning, twisting

till those colorless reams of your hard pressed soul escape

dyed  in the creative juice of living

into doom, death and desire!(ironically)

Yes, desire,because it’s the turning away that made you what you are

it’s the rejection that strengthened you

its the mockery that built you

your brittle hopes and seamless dreams

made of what was not there and never will be

still stood the fight, gave it a try

to walk away with a smile

tender, giving,gracious even in defeat/victory.

PS: A die hard optimist, gives up on every body else except self !

[Yet all experience is an arch wherethro’
Gleams that untravell’d world whose margin fades
For ever and forever when I move- Ulysses]

A Leap of Faith

Undulating  paths

led me to  walls

again and again

but I being me

drove into darkness

blinded by light

holding the steering wheel

feeling the wind against my ears

a race here, a gap there

then solitude and peace

the testosterone in me

loves the rush

the other warns, cautions.

Cooking up strangely tasty

cookies and cakes that are also healthy

I wondered who in me loved cooking

or was it who I cooked for that I loved

or was it cooking that I adored.

Then when I jump the gun

rush to conclude a deal or  a feel for real

I wonder who in me  is so impulsive

or is it being intuitive?

The universe conspires

giving me joy and love of being

gratitude fills my heart.