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hurts don’t heal

Some days are long agonizing

dipped in pain

twisting the innards

into grotesque patterns

deep wails of sorrow

despite knowledge

and time that soothes

somedays are meant to be spent in tears

sad reflections of the loss of a happy person

and his care and love that left one dazed

then the vacuum all the more painful

but that is life. So be it.


Rushing in to fill empty spaces

the sky does not hold back

he keeps filling corners

the nooks and the unseen hidden places

filling it up with gifts big and small

surprised, she asked ‘what for these now?’

‘oh! it was long due, you see’

smiles he!

a note here, a note there

to count for every hurt

to cover every deep deep pain

soothing every little ache

and vacuum, he moves around

raging in a jiffy and she said

‘perhaps it is too much, don’t you think’

he smiles winking, ‘its never so

just got a little lost on the way

what is due has to reach you

and I am just a messenger you see’

thus spake the Sky

for the stars to hear!!!

My Littleone does not want to come home

‘My son, he does not want to come home. He hates me. Everyday after reaching home, I have to spank him to get him home. He just want to be at my sister’s place, really’.

‘Does that hurt you?’

‘Yes, very much. I feel bad’.

‘Do you tell him stories? Do you play with him?’

‘No, once I go home, I have to cook, clean, finish stuff, I don’t get time to spend with him. Earlier, he used to play with my mother-in-law, now she too does not show any interest, nor does he.’

‘Tell him a story everyday. Bake something special for him. He is a kid, he needs attention and love, so give it. Leave everything else and sit down with him’.

‘hmm, he likes my sister more!’

‘Do you feel jealous of that?’

‘Yes, but because I am busy I try not to think about it, it hurts me though that my son does not spend time with me! actually I don’t spend time with him.’

‘My child is a young adult, yet he needs me too, that is not demanding, it is just their showing their love,so be with him, give him your love, set your priority’.

‘Maybe I should cook something special for him, I had him after so many years, everything I do is for him, still I have no time for him’.

‘Yeah, good we talked today, I will be with him more, listen to him and try and play with him even!’.

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