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When at last he came

When at last he came

I was tired of waiting

having gotten used

to my loneliness

I said, stay back

leave me alone

but he so insistent

bent down on his knees

holding my hand gently

sought my company

on a whim I winked

and smilingly joined

him on  his chariot to oblivion

speeding ahead of all that lived

racing past the sun

high above the clouds we went

to enter a lifelessness

of love and longing

where at the cafes

hanging out like buddies

were translucent creatures

evanescent, effervescent

holding me close he said

“now no life can separate us”

and we rocked the dance floor

against thunder and lightning

and some ethereal music

that I cannot gather now

sometimes death is such a tease

& to think of him is such a joy!



The Men in Uniform

When they were struck

these men were not in their uniforms

sleeping in their banyans and pajamas

yearning for a touch

thinking of a child back home

lost in love of the loving

they were at their vulnerable best

these men,now,out of uniform.

The other,who vandalized their lives

were also men in uniform

brain washed, tutored to kill

for a war that is not theirs

men with dreams in their eyes,

a promise in their hearts

yearning to go back across the border to peace, to love.

They killed each other, men in uniform

camouflaging their loving hearts with a harshness

that is not theirs, nor the victory,neither the loss

nor this war they wage against their own loving hearts

killing it with a misguided hatred and the hope of an unseen promised land.

Dear sons of soil, this side and that,stay and flourish.

Let the border remain, just that, a border.

Wasn’t it Frost who said,”Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,
That wants it down.”
Let’s not grow walls
let’s grow peace,prosperity and some common sense!