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Truth box

Truth comes in bits and pieces

in little boxes waiting to be unpacked

scattered around corners of living

and the child of life

has to search, fall and rise

again and again

and get lost often

before the little bubble gums

are open for tasting

much mastication

of thought foxes

hiding behind intelligence

logical reasoning and customary wisdom

reveal snippets of truth pearls

blooming now

wear them


ingest them

do as you please!

The long hallways of life

stand quiet watching, watching, watching!

Of heart

Ah! quiet, quiet

dear heart

silent be your note

forget fear & embrace

time sits mastering

lives gone and living

a light breeze

tumbles castles

what is due is yours

making its way from afar

till then

count the stars

trust the sky for rainbows


somewhere a heart waits

somewhere a song meets

float the flame of hope


PS: life