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SKY Love

Bending down in one graceful move

the sky streched his arms

to lift up and embrace me

‘this is no warm up exercise’

he teased

‘I meet you everyday, its a practice

I follow

Sometimes you are aware

sometimes you are too lost

I though, notice you everytime’

tears dried up and a voice came

crackling from within in gratitude

he simply shushed me and

held me closer,

‘we look out for you

and I especially so’

I stood mesmerized at his

love that streamed straight

into the deep crevices of my loneliness

where I nursed a broken heart

looking to grow whole

where in the deep darkness

moaned despair and loss

and a hunger for life and living

that I seemed not to know

‘what could satisfy you’

I asked the deep damp hole

‘what more would you want’

the heart was quiet but

not quite satisfied

pushing me to search and search again

for something that I neither found nor understood

but the sky that day was kind and ready to give as

he filled each pore with love azure

a rainbow sat next to me

spreading her pretty skirt

We listened to his songs of love

‘Till you are here, I will keep coming to see you

and then you will be mine forever.’

She told the sky

Stay with me

she told the sky

who raised his thunder

and played his lightening

sometimes with the bright blue clouds

he danced in circles

at times he sang a few songs for her to hear

brought out a rainbow

and caused the birds to fly across

He brought music to her ears alone

raining a few raindrops

he quenched her thirst

Opening new pages

reading new lines

he stood by

to tell stories

with animated gestures

filling in her life

the music of staying alive.

Sky and I

I reached out my hand

strained my neck

to implore the sky

‘sit down will you’

‘I am busy’ he said

there are clouds to make

rains to drain

dreams to build

a few lives to color

and shine bright

which is what I do

mostly, he chuckled

brushing away a few cloud-strands

from his forehead.

I watch his straight gait

smile so bright

wings that I could not see

and listen to his excuse

and nod my head,’ some people’

when he reached out into his pocket

took out a rainbow

and pasted it on his forehead

and lo! the world was bright again

and so was I.

Cheerio! he said

I am coming back soon

and we laughed together.

PS: Skytimes