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A little less drama

‘A little less drama would have been fine’

she told life

who looked at her disbelievingly

‘the actor that you are

you love fantasy

you thrive in thrillers

you long for romance

your heart soaks in pain

twists in agony

sheds copious tears

you create


of hate, of malice, of ill repute

because you love attention

you want me to hang on to you dearly

to cry out to you to help

you mean monster

gently slaying my soul

making me count every breath

pay with tears for pain unlimited

seek company where it never is

live for pleasure which is nothing but pain in disguise

sometimes your sadism gets to me really

whose side are you on for god’s sake?

ah! god!

that gentleman who is ‘gentle’ no more

I heard a song, god is a woman!

well, can’t say really

its all make-belief

except you ofcourse

I know you

because you are with me.

I would still have loved you

had you been kinder, simpler, more giving


we are together

you and I

until death plays the villian.

Stay close, let’s celebrate!’