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And the sky walked in….

And the sky just walked in 

a picture in azurest blue

dangling silver

swaying grace and dignity

we watched wonder-struck

wide her hips

open her heart

a killing smile played on her lips

she stopped a moment

as if to acknowledge an offering

and walked on

we craned our necks to see

her speechless dignity

beauty we had seen before

but what we saw in her today

defied every explanation

coz in her sat every hue

dressed in its glory.

PS: Inspired by my beautiful colleague dressed in blue.



Bits of blue sky

Bits and pieces of a bright blue sky splattered into my lap

falling through the thick canopy of dark green leaves.

Randomly cut, dissimilar pieces of joy

of unknown origin

refusing to form a pattern, a shape or a memory

stubbornly senseless but utterly bewildering.

I sat still, fearful of breaking those brittle pieces

of losing what was not yet fully formed

of what was not yet fully sense-making

hoping  time to make me a gift

the universal energies  to create

what is best.

A heart beat here, a racing pulse there

beneath the so-called calm and composure

A la Ahilya- wait  for the savior, the messiah

kept tenterhooks of thoughts in place,

tremulous, tittering

footsteps, door openings and creaking windows

the rush of the wind and the gentle breeze alike

caused patterns of distress till closing my eyes

I left time to work its magic.