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Love’s manna

I know I know

love’s manna

is trickling to the soul

I feel I feel

the hand that holds

steadying a wavering frame

I hear I hear

a song that starts

far in the depths of a soul

I believe I believe

life’s purpose will lead me to the truth

the joy of finding is not far, not now

not anymore

I trust I trust

her heavenly wisdom

the charted course my life has led

I hope I hope

the blue skies hold many more secrets of the heart

the passing clouds sings songs of endearment

the breeze that blows brings tender dreams

a bird that flew cooed a song just for my ears

So rejoice, rejoice

in the smiles that come

butterflies that dance

the winds that bellow

and a cat that meows

is yet the love of the universe.

So sit back and wait

and look out for the eyes that meet.

In the cosmic scheme of things

I too have my place.

hurts don’t heal

Some days are long agonizing

dipped in pain

twisting the innards

into grotesque patterns

deep wails of sorrow

despite knowledge

and time that soothes

somedays are meant to be spent in tears

sad reflections of the loss of a happy person

and his care and love that left one dazed

then the vacuum all the more painful

but that is life. So be it.