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It must be how grief feels

tastless bland dull against

salivary glands

no smell whatsoever

just a dampness in the soul

old enough to grow mould

and turn dreary dumb

it must be how grief feels

salty on the lips

wet on the cheeks

a sharp nudge

on the spine

a weary thud on the floor

it must be how grief feels

numbing smell

of joy of living

sore throating you for life

and the steam sort of

aggravating the ambush

over steam, I mean

some say solitude is good

but what of grief in solitude

that kills slowly,

dulling out light

what of it?

Voyage inside

What sights, what scenes

dost thou voyager seek

what merriment, what company

what adventures unknown

dost thou mean to meet

the journey to the self

is by far the toughest

the most painful and treacherous of all

the most long drawn

fraught with battles unheard, unseen

filled with fears, tears

bleeding of wounds

slow to heal even

with the time’s unction

yet the soul shall triumph

shining through

raring to surge

daring to fly

against tides unknown

fearless of traps, trips

hidden fissures which suck

the spirit within

coz, my love

now is life

now is love

reach out to the stars

the universe roots for you!

Sky soul

I had not asked the sky to stop by

yet he did being kind

inclined to all things azure

he moved into my soul

he spent some time

clearing a few cob webs

pasting a few sweet smiles

rubbing off a few dark spots

and filling some heavenly fragrances

if nothing, he said

pick up that pen of yours

write, write till you bleed

and then I am there with you

He read out somethings

and I wondered how he knew

he smiled and said

I speak to you in your dreams

I drive away faces dark and fearsome

sometimes I hold your hands as you sleep

kiss away your fears and let you smile

I ask him if I would know him when I saw him

Let time tell you that, he said

and vanished blue.