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Thinking Teenager

‘Who am I ?

what is my calling?’

said the girl all of nineteen

‘the existential angst plagues each human’

the girl observed gravely.

The mother kept quiet wondering

did I provoke too much?

did I prod and probe where it hurts?

the desire to encourage can sometimes be detrimental

the urge to awaken can sometimes irritate.

The junk food lover nodding to western beats

was wiser beyond her thoughts

so the mother sat quiet in awe of the thinking teenager.

So She Spoke

Long hair dangling

elongated breasts touching the navel

aged with wisdom of living

she spoke softly

I lived well

I was told how to live

I felt the right emotions at the right time

I was told what to feel and when

I expressed rightly

I was tutored what to say and when

I knew I was happy

I was told what happiness meant

the ecstasies and the exhilaration

of living were cast in iron for me

Since this was so

I never complained

Until I let my hair lose in the morning and night

As my arms flailed

I discovered a someone in me too late

She was a stranger

mean, demeaning,demanding

I had no answer for her

except that I taught my girls and their girls

to feel what they feel

to laugh and smile

to live as they want to live

with my long hair and long breasts

they take me well

so I speak

let tomorrow be free!