Of how energies flow

I was looking for a tenant for my flat. I was approached by a scamster. Luckily though even before talking to him, just by looking at his whatsapp messages, I got a hunch that this is a scandal.

And so it was, when I checked his aadhar card with the help of a friend, I realize that the gut feeling was just right.

Many times it has happened to me that I would decide to talk to someone or not talk to someone, go to an event or not go to an event all based on my gut feeling and it has almost always turned just right.

Years ago, when I was informed of a family decision with respect to my marriage, I had a strange feeling of being claustrophobic and tried to convince my parents about my fears but was simply shooed aside.

Now as I enjoy being alone, I do think of how life could have been if I had the courage to stand by my gut feeling in the beginning.

But, I would not blame myself or anyone else because in all those years, it never occurred to me that anything could be different. I realized the right to way away from hurt and humiliation a little late, but it was a good realization that shaped my life into a happy, sweet space soon after.

Music played and dance followed and me and my daughter sort of prospered in the aura of positivity that we enveloped ourselves in. My parents having overcome their fear and insecurity decided to standby and cheer and though we faced humungous difficulties, the universe always guided me through with ease.

Energy balls as we are, it would do us good to know or choose whom to interact with, open up to, hold a hand or allow to be held, lend a hand or accept a help and it is not difficult if you are mindful in the moment.

The result is amazing. If your space is clean and pulsating with positivity, and if you are focused on the possibilities rather than challenges, life is truly amazing!!!

Trust your instinct then and move out of spaces that are negative or oppressing, embrace your child-likeness, indulge in little joys of being human, alive in this moment, this day, this time in life and hand over the control of your life to the universe who is constantly working to get you fulfill your true purpose.

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